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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021
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Dash Cam Dashboard Recording Camera - AKASO V1 Car Recorder with Sony Sensor, 1296P FHD, GPS, G-Sensor, WiFi with Phone APP, Night Vision, Loop Record, Parking Monitor, 170°Wide Angle, with 16GB Card.

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  • [Built-in GPS Car Camera] - It automatically tracks and indexes every journey so you can review it at a touch. With the AKASO Smart Dash Camera, you can easily share your journey with your friends at any time, wherever you are.
  • [Wi-Fi Dash Cam] - The AKASO Car APP supports both IOS & Android systems, allowing you to view, configure, and download HD video through Wi-Fi in real time. (no need mobile data to download the videos)
  • [Super Night Vision Car DVR] - The dashboard camera has full 1080P resolution, it adopts WDR(wide dynamic range) Technology, which will undoubtedly improve its imaging performance no matter in daytime or at night.
  • [Time Synchronization] - The vehicle video camera will synchronization with mobile phone time when connecting, no need to adjust the time manually.
  • [Discreet Design Dash Camera] - The Mini Dashboard Video Recorder mounts to the windshield and yet conveniently fits behind your rearview mirror to capture the road ahead in full HD. Staying concealed from outside the car.

G-sensor—Emergency locking:

  • The integrated G-Sensor detects collisions and automatically activates Emergency Recording that will store, lock, and protect the whole incident, thus providing evidence for insurance claims and traffic disputes.

Track Your Travels with GPS:

  • The dash cam is able to record driving track , speed, longitude and latitude data which you can view in designated player.
  • Please consult us via [email protected] and we will send you the installation package of the player.


Built-in Wi-Fi technology:

  • Viewing real-time footage or playback recordings, download videos to the Akaso Car APP or local files.

Capture Every Detail

  • An advanced sensor enables recording of 30fps in Full HD 1080P Resolution.

170 Degree Wide Angle

  • Never miss a license plate in driving. 170° wide angle covers up to 5 lanes of traffic ahead and reduces blind spots.

Loop Recording:

  • 24 Hours Loop Recording creates video clips, automatically overwrites the oldest file to save the current file.

G-sensor—Emergency locking:

  • The integrated G-Sensor detects collisions and automatically activates Emergency Recording that will store, lock, and protect the whole incident, thus providing evidence for insurance claims and traffic disputes.

Working Temperature:

  • The working temperature of this dash cam varies from -10 °C to 60 °C (14 °(F) to 140°(F)) which allows you to record in any climate.

Super Night Vision:

  • The image at night is very clear, you can refer to the results shown in our video, these are the actual shooting scene.

Packed with 16G Micro SD Card:

  • It can record up to 3 hours.

Please Note:

  • This dash cam max supports 128GB TF card with class 10.

Q: How long of videos can be recorded in a 16GB card in this dash cam?

A: This AKASO dash cam comes with a 16GB micro SD card, which can record for 3 hours under normal using, and this dash cam supports maximum 32GB with a class 10 card or above.

Please remember to format the card on computer and the dash cam before you use a new card.

Q: Do you have any warranty on the dash cam?

A: Yes, AKASO dash cam has one-year warranty.

Q: Does this dash cam come with a memory card?

A: Yes, a 16GB card comes with the AKASO V1 dash cam.

Q: Do you have a user manual?

A: Please download user manual here: User Manual

If you need any help, please send us email: [email protected]

Q: Can I set up continuous loops without having to reformat?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Why does my dash cam show mass storage and no picture?

A: Did you use the USB cable to connect your computer, and what is the reading data? Please use the car charger to charge the dash cam. If need any help, please contact us : [email protected]

Q: I need a monitory that will record while my car is parked. Will this work?

A: Yes, it has built-in parking monitor. This device will not record all the time when your vehicle is parked, however it will sense when a person (or vehicle) is getting close to your car and begin recording. The video will be saved, and the camera will automatically shut down after 30 seconds.

Hidden Car Recorder

Q: Does the display of this dash cam shut off but it still records when driving?

A: Yes, but you need to turn it off manually. In the future, we will improve this to shut off automatically after setting on this dash cam.

Q: How to mute the speaker so that it does not play turn on/off sound?

A: Please select 'Video', and find 'Record Audio', then select 'off'.

Another method: When it’s recording, please press the second button to turn off sound.

Q: If I don’t have a computer, how can I format the memory stick? Can I use my MacBook or iPad to format?

A: This dash cam comes with a 16GB Card, you can only format the card on the dash cam to make it record.

If the card you insert is 64GB or 128GB, you need to format it on computer to make the card more compatible with the dash cam.

Q: What's the resolution?

A: 1296P30, 1080P30 and 720P30.

Q: Videos won't download to my phone, it says file download error or not compatible.

A: Unable to download cause 1: After the APP is installed, the first time you open the APP interface, a prompt box will pop up. Please select “ALWAYS ALLOW”. If you select “DENY” APP, you will not be able to use the download function.

Unable to download cause 2: The available storage memory space of the phone is insufficient, and the video file cannot be saved to the local storage of the mobile phone, so it cannot be downloaded. It is recommended to check if the phone's memory space has enough capacity before downloading, or to clean some files for download.

Please contact our customer service to solve the issue: [email protected].

Q: Will this work on nearly vertical bus windshields? Are there any 3rd party mounts?

A: This dash cam is used for small cars, it’s not the best choice for big vehicles with vertical windshields. But you can have a try.

If you need any help, please send us email: [email protected]

Q: Is there any firmware to upgrade?

A: 1. Please download the firmware here: Firmware

2. Please decompress the file to find a file named “FW96658A.bin”.

3. Prepare a micro SD Card 16GB or 32GB, firstly format it on computer as FAT32.

4. Copy the file named “FW96658A.bin” into the micro SD Card.

5.Inset the micro SD Card into the card slot of the dash cam, then power on the dash cam by car adapter.

After the dash cam turns on, it will upgrade automatically,

The dash cam will turn off after upgrading. It will take about 1 minute. (Note: If powered by battery, it can not be upgraded.)

Q: Can I view inside my car live when I go into a restaurant?


A: No, you can’t. The range between Wi-fi and camera need to be within 3 meters.

Q: Why is my electrostatic sticker only sticky on the backside? I can only get it to stick to the windshield and not the camera.

A: Please install the dash cam as follows:

②Insert the bracket into the slot of the camera.

③Tear off the film on the glue.

④Firstly clean the windshield by dry cloth,then attach the electrostatic sticker on the windshield.

⑤Fix the dash cam in the area “A” of the electrostatic sticker, and adjust the view angle of the dash cam.

Akaso V1 Player

The camera can be removed and mounted as needed.

Q: Does it support Wi-Fi? How to download and share videos?

A: Yes, it supports Wi-Fi. You need to download and share videos on the phone APP, here’s a video for details, please click here.

Akaso V1 Manual

Q: Does it show driving speed while driving?

A: Yes, you can download a player here: AKASO V1 Player

Akaso Instruction Manual

Then you can view driving speed and driving tracks.

Q: I buy this camera for my big rig truck, I drive different truck each time, how can I move my dash cam from one truck to another truck?

A: This dash cam comes with two brackets and two electrostatic stickers, you can install the dash cam on two cars.

Q: How to transfer videos footages from the dash cam to my phone?

A: You can take out the card, insert the card into the computer with the card reader, and copy the videos in the card into the computer, and then play the videos with our special player to get the GPS data. You can download a player here: AKASO V1 Player

Q: Will it take a 64 GB card ?

A: Yes,it can take a 64GB card, but the card should be formatted on computer firstly, and then be formatted on the camera to make sure it can be more compatible with the dash cam.

Q: How long is the battery life for parking overnight?

A: The battery can last for about 15 minutes after it is charged fully.

The battery is mainly used to power the 'parking monitoring' function. For normal video recording, please connect the car charger to use the power supply.

So when your car needs to be parked overnight, please turn on the parking monitor.

Q: Does this have any weatherproof features?

A: sorry, this dash camera doesn't have weatherproof features.

Q: How to install the dash cam?

A: 1. Insert the memory card.

2. Connect the USB cable to the camera.

3. Plug in to car cigarette lighter plug.

Car Recorder Singapore

Here is a video, please click here to learn more details about installation.

Q: How does the app work for tracking GPS and Wi-Fi to send footage to my phone?

A: ①Open Wi-Fi: Press “Wi-Fi” button on the left of camera to enter Wi-Fi settings interface.

Akaso V1 Car Recorder

②Open “AKASO Car” on phone, click “CONNECT CAR DVR” to enter into phone Wi-Fi system, find the camera’s SSID and input the PWD to connect the camera.

③Back to the Main Interface of “AKASO Car”, click “CONNECT CAR DVR” to enter video interface.

Note: There is interference between Wi-Fi and GPS. For safety, please turn off Wi-Fi before driving to ensure GPS tracking.

Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?

Car Recorder Camera

A: Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to [email protected], we will try our best to help you.