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Allied Telesis AT-8000S Switch Installation Guide Preface This guide contains the hardware installation instructions for the AT-8000S/16, AT-8000S/24, AT-8000S/24POE, AT-8000S/48 and AT-8000S/48POE Fast Ethernet Switches. How This Guide is Organized This manual contains the following chapters. Allied telesis AT-8000S Series Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Allied telesis AT-8000S Series User Manual, Installation Manual. In no event shall Allied Telesis, Inc. Be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits, arising out of or related to this manual or the information contained herein, even if Allied Telesis, Inc. Has been advised of, known, or should have known, the possibility of.

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Allied Telesis AT-8000SSwitch
Chapter 4.Initial Configuration

Configuration Overview

Before assigning a static IP address to the device, obtain the following information from the network administrator:
A specific IP address allocated by the network administrator for the switch to be configured
There are two types of configuration: Initial configuration consists of configuration functions with basic security

Allied Telesis At 8000s User Manual 2016

considerations, whereas advanced configuration includes dynamic IP configuration and more advanced security
After making any configuration changes, the new configuration must be saved before rebooting. To save the
configuration, enter the following CLI command: The following prompt is displayed:


The initial configuration, which starts after the device has booted successfully, includes static IP address and
subnet mask configuration, and setting user name and privilege level to allow remote management. If the device is
to be managed from an SNMP-based management station, SNMP community strings must also be configured.
Static IP Address and Subnet Mask

Static IP Address and Subnet Mask

IP interfaces can be configured on each port of the device. After entering the configuration command, it is
recommended to check if a port was configured with the IP address by entering the “show ip interface” command.
The commands to configure the device are port specific.
To manage the switch from a remote network, a default gateway must be configured, which is an IP address to
where packets are sent when the destination is within another network. The configured gateway address must
belong to the same subnet as the IP interface of the device.
To configure the default gateway, enter the required commands at the system prompt as shown in the following
configuration example where is the specific management station, and is the default
console(config)# interface vlan 1
console(config-if)# ip address
console(config)# ip default-gateway
Download 48 pages, 2.23 Mb
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Initial Configuration

Page 35
Allied telesis at-8000gs manual is the IP address of the default gateway that is used to reach the management network
To check the configuration, enter the command “show ip interface” as illustrated in the following example.
User Name

Allied Telesis At-8000s Manual

A user name is used to manage the device remotely, for example through SSH, Telnet, or the Web interface. To
gain complete administrative (super-user) control over the device, the highest privilege (15) must be specified.

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Only an administrator (super-user) with the highest privilege level (15) is allowed to manage the device
For more information about the privilege level, see the CLI Reference Guide.
The configured user name is entered as a login name for remote management sessions. To configure the user
name “bob” and privilege level of 15, enter the command at the system prompt as shown in the configuration
Gateway IP AddressActivity StatusType
----------------------------- ---------------- ---------
IP AddressI/FType
----------------------------- ---------------- ---------

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