Barudan Bekys Manual Download

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Software For Barudan And For Wilcom

Barudan Design File Server
Connect up to 8 Barudan machines with serial (COM) cables for fast design downloads or 1 Barudan machine using a CAT 5 network connection cable.
Design File server is a FREE download to registered members who have logged in to this site.
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Barudan LEMserver Junior
No more wasted time looking for the right design or unpicking a garment because the wrong version of a design has been stitched.

Barudan LEMserver is a high speed embroidery machine networking and design distribution program. With LEMserver you can connect up to 100 Barudan machines using a standard Local Area Network (LAN).

Just enter the design name using the machine's controller OR scan the barcode on the Wilcom design instruction sheet. The design search will completed in just seconds and the design will be downloaded directly into the machine's memory at super high speed.

Barudan LEMserver Pro - monitor your machine performance / productivity from the internet.
This top level program provides all of the search and download capabilities as Junior but it also continuously monitors and records everything that each machine does . . . . every start, every stop, every design run, how many runs per design, how many units of each design produced, how many thread breaks per machine, how much rest break time, how much sampling time and more . . . . and all of this production data can be viewed over the internet.
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King Star Thread Pallette for Wilcom
If you use King Star thread and would like the full colour pallette with 600+ shades you can download it here.
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Special Small Character Font For Wilcom 2006 & Later Versions
Do you really struggle to produce crisp clear lettering at small sizes? Well your not alone.
You see most embroidery companies that don't have access to highled skilled embroidery digitisers, struggle with small lettering.
That's because they use the standard lettering supplied with their embroidery software and the bottom line is that standard lettering is good, but it was never digitised to produce the best results at all sizes. It was digitised to do a good job at the most commonly used sizes.
To be totally honest - there are very few digitisers left these days who really understand what is required to digitise small letters. Embroidery software operators for the most part just choose a font, set the size, underlay, pull comp and then just accept the result as being 'the best it can do'. That's not their fault. They just didn't get the training that used to be common 30 odd years ago.
Our widely acclaimed ES Block was expertly digitised, tested, adjusted and tested again over many months. ES Block has been stitched out at sizes down to 3.5mm using a standard needle and thread and as small as 2.5mm or 1/10th' on shirt fabric using fine thread and needle. Our customers tell us that after using ES Block, they hardly ever use any other block font.
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EPACC embroidery productivity & cost calculator
E-PACC is a custom built application that completely eleimenates the guesswork for anyone who is running an embroidery business - regardless of how big or how small.
Once you have set-up EPACC with all of your business overhead costs and set your desired markups then you can simply leave it to your staff if need be. All they have to do is enter the basic details of each new job:
* Quantity
* Stitch count
* Cost of design
* No of thread trims
* No of colour changes
* Hoop size
EPACC instantly calculates the sell price based upon mark-ups that you have set for each size of machine. In fact there are three different SELL prices:
* One for regular service
* One for Express service
* One for Rush service.
If you need to know the costs / profit then there is a secure LOGIN password that gives access to sensitive information that you may not want other members of your staff to see.
You can also save individual costings for your different customers for re-call later on so the price you give your repeat customers should always be the same. No guesswork!

You must have Microsoft Excel for Windows on your computer in order to run EPACC

Read more about how EPACC can help your embroidery business

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Trusted Windows (PC) download Barudan TES Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Barudan TES alternative downloads. Barudan Embroidery Machine Manual C01 II is the most powerful single-head embroidery machine ever built. In your machine (on CD), Machine Manual Operations and Quick Reference Guide. Related Searches for industrial embroidery machines for sale. User Manuals Pdf Download For Barudan Embroidery Machine Repair Barudan.

Barudan Bekys Manual Download

Barudan Embroidery Machine Troubleshooting

Barudan Bekys Manual Download

Barudan Embroidery Machine Troubleshoot…

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