Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

Everybody needs a vacuum either they have a big or small house. In current days, vacuums are not a fancy cleaner that only suits big apartments or people with good fortune. Bissell Powerforce Helix Review is going to show you some cool bissell vacuum cleaner that would change your life. It needs to complete daily cleaning, keep the homey environment allergy free and cleaning multiple things at a time.

  1. Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Download
  2. Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Diagram
  3. Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Free
  4. Bissell Powerforce Helix 1700 Manual

Bassele Powerforce offers some ergonomic vacuum cleaners with high suction power and natural operating features. It can clean your rugs, carpet, and upholstery, wooden or tilled ground and so on. Moreover, it offers the dirt separator system which traps more fine dirt which makes your ground, furniture, and the air cleaner. And less dirt means your house is more free-form allergen particles and healthy environment.

  1. Bissell Powerforce Helix 1700 Series Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bissell Powerforce Helix 1700 Series User Manual.
  2. POWERFORCE® HELIX Vacuum USER GUIDE 1700 & 1701 SERIES (Model 1701 Shown) 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Go to and enter your model number in the search field. If paddle wheel gets dislodged, align the two. Model 1700 has 5 screws and model 1701 has 6 screws. Lift roller straight out. If the belt is.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700 (New improved version of 1240) (Blue) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. POWERFORCE ® HELIX USER GUIDE 1240, 68C7 SERIES.Product images may vary. 2. This model is for household use only. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE. 3 Thanks for buying a BISSELL vacuum We’re glad you purchased a BISSELL vacuum. Everything we know about floor care went into the design.

If you ask the other things about the vacuum, then be assured. It’s a powerful machine with low cost and maintenance but great longevity.

About Bissell Company

The starting story of Bissell was pretty impressive. A shop crockery owner of Grand Rapids, Michigan invented a carpet sweeper for his wife. His wife was tired and bothers to clean up sawdust embedded in the shop’s carpet. After all day of hardworking the sweeping and removing all the stubborn tiny dirt stacked into the carpet was very frustrating.

The owner Melville Bissell, who also has a mechanical genius, designed a new type of carpet sweeper that can pick almost every tiny particles of the carpet. Soon that fantastic sweeper caught everyone attention and started asking Anna, the wife and second owner of the Bissell how they can purchase it.

In the year of 1876 Bissell carpet Sweeper was patented, and after that, they started the production and selling of that sweeper. After seven years Bissell built their manufacturing plant in Michigan.

But later the sudden death of Melville Bissell in 1889 the company was scrambled for sometimes. That the time, Anna become the new CEO and took control to move forward their dream. Her antagonistic but innovative management change the company American’s one leading vacuum, carpet sweeper, mop, etc. manufacture company.

Reason to Buy Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum

Why should you choose Bissell vacuum over other thousands of another top brand vacuum? The first reason is an excellent suction. It consists of all those things that you need in the vacuum. Read this part below of bissell powerforce helix review to learn some important factor of this vacuum.


The magic cleaning tool, the vacuum from Bissell Powerforce is best known for its multi-purpose work. It comes with a wide cleaning head with rotation brush, new upholstery brush, wand, hose, etc.

The cleaning head with rotating spiral brush rotates continuously to pick up stubborn dirt stick under the floor gaps or form the rugs. So, the high power and efficient brush combo make the cleaning a lot easier than average carpet sweeper, brush, etc. the difference was clear once I cleaned an old rug which was already cleaned with a usual vacuum cleaner. The Powerforce Helix still manage to find dirt forms the cleaned rug of mine!

Light & easy

The one thing that you will agree with me is its weight. This vacuum is light and easy to clean with. It moves effortlessly on any ground. It’s like self-propelled. The vacuum glides effortlessly on the tiles or wooden floors same as the carpeted or rugged round, stairs, etc. so, you enjoy the cleaning without being frustrated to cleaning a large area or get tired.

But many of us may think lighter electronic equipment not meant to be great a usual. Technically it does not feature light. After all, it has the motor, filter, dirt cups and other thing stored. It reasonably weighs good but not bulky at all.


Older Bissell-powerforce vacuums used to have two filters. That was easy to clean sometimes. But the newest models consist of single filter- thick piece of foam. It’s easier to wash and dry too. If you use the vacuum daily, then cleaning the fitter once in a week will be fine. It can the take lots and lots of find dirt, fur, grim, etc. without any hitches.

Bagless canister

The uphold vacuums of the brand come with no removable begs. Bagless vacuums are 100 times better than the bagged ones. The main reason is they are less messy. You don’t need to change the bag over and over again once they are full. Also, you will need a supply of container which is costly and time-consuming. Forget that old-school stuff.

With the Bissell-powerforce vacuums, you just need to remove the canister and push the button. The bottom will open up, and all the dirt comes out quickly in the trash.

Top 3 Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum Cleaners

We all want a robust high features vacuum cleaner but in reasonable price of course. I think Bissell has the best option for you guys. Here are three bissell powerforce helix reviews with particular analysis of their positive and negative sides. Have a look below.

1. Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700

If you need a light, efficient and affordable vacuum cleaner, then I guess you will like this one. The Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum is what that any homemaker. It has Helix Dirt Split-up System, dual edge cleaning surroundings, rotating brush and many other things.

The Bissell PowerForce Helixis particularly a bagless vacuum. So no removable bag need to add or remove while the bag is full of dirt. Opposes to it has a dirt cup including washable filter system. The vacuum has 13 inches cleaning path to clean a good portion of the surface. The wand of it not so large that it should be but does it woke fine.

For the additional tools, you will get a crevice tool, dusting brush, and the extension wand. I said earlier the rod seems ok to me. So my next expectation was on the wand. But sorry to say, the wand is not so large also. Its 5ft stretch hose follows the same height problem for me.

The vacuum has 23 ft. power cord but no auto-rewinding option. For the manual user, it’s may not a problem but the auto rewinding feature is handy for fast working.

Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Download

Another best thing about the vacuum of Bissell is, it’s good with fine dirt. You mainly use it for your carpeted stairs or storerooms where most of the dirt hidden and unease to clean up. The Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless 1700 model has got many remarkable reviews that lead me to research and try it.

  • The convenient bagless design makes easier the usages and no hassle of replacement bags.
  • Consist of washable filters which reduced the cost of reusable filters.
  • Powerful suction cleans all the dirt, dust and pet hair.
  • Easy to assemble all the parts.
  • Affordable vacuum cleaner.
  • No HEPA filtration which weakens the service of dealing with allergies.
  • Short extension wand and hose.

The Bissell PowerForce Helix is an effective and cost-friendly home appliance for everyone. It offers rich and high performance that you won’t find easily in other affordable bagless vacuum cleaners.

2. Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Rewind Bagless Vacuum

For more upgrade features and performance here is another best option for you in this bissell powerforce helix turbo review– the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo. It comes with heavy-duty, powerful suction and rotating the brush, high capacity dirt cup, washable filters and many more. This vacuum also has the Helix Dirt Separation system with the dual edge surrounding suction system.

The Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo has 8 amp motor, 25 ft. Power cord and 8 ft. stretched hose. The good thing is it has rewind option for its wire, so you don’t have to arrange it manually.

The bagless upright vacuum has some additional tools for upholstery cleaning. Such as a mini air is driven brush roll, a two inch wider cleaning path, etc. the original brush roll or the path cleaner is around 15 inch. So it has clean a significant area at a time.

Just like the other Bissell cleaner, this one is also great budget-friendly upholstery cleaning tool. It’s sturdy but gentle with your expensive rugs or sofa. It will not damage your wooden floor at all even after every day cleaning.

The hose length and the wire are pretty usual for cleaning a midsize of the room according to the other bissell helix turbo reviews. And I agree with them. If we are talking about the dust capacity of dirt cup, they are efficient. It can hold a lot of dirt, hair or grim at a time.

  • Excellent suction power can pick and trapped all fine dirt lying or trapped in the carpet fiber.
  • Included automatic cord rewind system which securely winds the cord just in one push.
  • Smart looking light and maneuverable vacuum cleaner.
  • Ideal for all kind of rugged and carpeted floors.
  • Very affordable and easy to store.
  • Some of the hairs always get stocks in the one bit of filter which makes the cleaning kid of messy. Otherwise, there was no problem that I face while cleaning up with it.
Bissell powerforce helix bagless vacuu…

Compare to features and performance of the vacuum it’s ten times better than other high priced upright vacuums available in the market. The PowerForce Helix turbo is not only good with ground and carpets; it equally shows great cleaning performance on sofa and upholsteries.

3. Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Rewind Bagless Vacuum, 1797

So now it’s time for my last analysis of Basle vacuums through Bissell powerforce helix bagless vacuum 1797 review. This one is similar to the first one, 1700 and 1701 Powerforce Helix but with more improved features and performance. The vacuum is also little expensive than 1700 one. It has same 8 amp motor, 25 ft. Long power cord, 8 ft. stretched hose, etc.

Also, the vacuum offers five surface height settings, 1-liter dirt cup capacity, and a washable filter. I know you are thinking this one just carbon copy of its old fellow. But this model made to solve major drawbacks of the other Powerfroce models like the auto rewind function. It’s also good to loosen stubborn dirt, suck and trapped them in no time.

Another huge difference that you might of the vacuum is, it eliminates odor from the air, or carpet and freshens up the room environment. That’s because it’s impressive power and excellent filtration. It captures maximum grim, dirt and allergen particles which state the significant improvement of the model.

  • High suction power sucks up all the mess from the ground including pet hair.
  • High capacity filters for storing a massive amount of dirt at a time.
  • Good for Sofa, mattress or any upholstery item.
  • Includes automatic cord rewind system.
  • Smart color and design.
  • The turbo brush is air driven not convincing as the motorized brush.
  • No option for turn off the brush roll.

Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Diagram

Overall, the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo 1797 is a more sturdy and durable version then previous 1700 model. It has multiple setting to clean different grounds and immense suction power which makes it more worthwhile to pay a little extra.

Final Recommendation

Bissell Powerforce Helix Model 1700 User Manual Free


As the lifestyle changed, Bissell has also improved their cleaning equipment to serve you the best. Upright vacuums are always handy, but they have some complications too. With high price rate, some of them are heavy or weak suction power. Some may feet those requirement but poor at upholstery cleaning. In that case, I think Bissell is a jackpot for any household.

Among all the vacuums that I reviewed earlier, I would recommend the Bissell powerforce helix bagless upright vacuum (Click Here to Buy). First of all, it has triple energy form any new upright vacuums; second, it has the rotating brush that cleans profoundly and final the auto rewind system.

Bissell Powerforce Helix 1700 Manual

No matter what kind of cleaner you are, you will surely impress by the performance of Bissell once you start to use it. It’s a very convenient vacuum cleaner which has a huge group of loyal customer or user around the world. So, that is the end of bissell powerforce helix review, for more info about new vacuums keep looking forward our upcoming posts.