Bissell Proheat 12 Amp User Manual

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View and Download Bissell 7901 SERIES user manual online. Bissell USER'S GUIDE ProHeat 7901 SERIES, 8910 SERIES. 7901 SERIES Vacuum Cleaner pdf manual download. Also for: Proheat 8910 series, 8915, 7920, Proheat 7901 series. Jul 31, 2013  This step-by-step guide shows you how to get professional-style carpet cleaning results at home with a BISSELL® carpet cleaner. For the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a clean home.


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Bissell Proheat 12 Amp User Manual


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Your PROheat deep cleaner comes equipped

with a hose and at least one attachment for

cleaning stairs, upholstery, and more.

Important! If using the machine to clean

upholstery, check upholstery tags.

1. Check manufacturer’s tag before cleaning. “W”

or “WS” on the tag means you can use your

PROheat. If the tag is coded with “X” or “S”

(with a diagonal strike through), or says “Dry

Clean Only,” do not proceed. Do not use on vel-

vet or silk. If manufacturer’s tag is missing or not

coded, check with your furniture dealer.

2. Check for colorfastness in an inconspicuous place.
3. If possible, check upholstery stuffing. Colored

stuffing may bleed through fabric when wet.

4. Plan activities to give upholstery time to dry.
5. Vacuum thoroughly to pick up loose debris

and pet hair. Use a vacuum with a brush

attachment and a crevice tool to clean fabric

folds and tufts.

6. To begin cleaning with attachments, follow

the instructions on page 9 for filling the 2-in-1

water tank.

7. Set the ReadyTools dial to the 'TOOLS'

setting. This will allow spray and suction from

the hose.

8. Attach the cleaning tool of your choice to the

end of the hose.

9. Clean by pressing the trigger to spray solution

onto the area to be cleaned. Slowly move the

tool back and forth over the soiled surface.

Release the trigger to suction dirty water.

Continue to clean in the area, working in small

sections, until dirt is removed.

Caution: Do Not Overwet.

10. When finished cleaning, remove and rinse

tool(s) in clean, running water.


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Bissell Proheat 12 Amp Troubleshooting



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Bissell Proheat 12 Amp Manual

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