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Brookfield Engineering Labs., Inc. Page 1 Manual No. M/97-164-D1000 BROOKFIELD DV-II+ PROGRAMMABLE VISCOMETER Operating Instructions Manual No. M/97 Digital Viscometer - Brookfield BROOKFIELD DV1 Digital Viscometer Operating Instructions Manual No. M14-023 SPECIALISTS IN THE MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL OF VISCOSITY TEL 508. Brookfield Engineering Labs., Inc.Page 3 Manual No. M/97-164-F1 102 I. INTRODUCTION The Brookfield Programmable DV-II+ Viscometer measures fluid viscosity at given shear rates. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The DVNext Rheometer is Brookfield’s latest model that incorporates new advanced features that our customers have been asking for with the repeatability and reliability you expect from us. It is an easy-to-use, stand-alone instrument for measuring viscosity and yield stress. It's available in a Standard version and a. Brookfield offers a range of accessories for use with the Brookfield viscometer to accommodate special measurement circumstances. These accessories, while offering added capability to the user, also contribute to an expanded measurement tolerance beyond the instrument accuracy of +/.

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Brookfield Engineering Labs., Inc.

Page 86

Manual No. M03-165-F0612

Appendix F - The Brookfield Guardleg

The guard leg was originally designed to protect the spindle during use. The first applications of the

Brookfield Viscometer included hand held operation while measuring fluids in a 55-gallon drum. It is

clear that under those conditions the potential for damage to the spindle was great. Original construction

included a sleeve that protected the spindle from side impact. Early RV guard legs attached to the dial

housing and LV guard legs attached to the bottom of the pivot cup with a twist and lock mechanism.

The current guard leg is a band of metal in the shape of the letter U with a bracket at the top that attaches

to the pivot cup of a Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer. Because it must attach to the pivot cup, the

guard leg cannot be used with a Cone/Plate instrument. A guard leg is supplied with all LV and RV

series instruments, but not with the HA or HB series. It’s shape (shown in Figure F-1) is designed to

accommodate the spindles of the appropriate spindle set; therefore, the RV guard leg is wider than the

LV due to the large diameter of the RV #2 spindle. They are not interchangeable.

The calibration of the Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer is determined using a 600 mL Low Form Griffin

Beaker. The calibration of LV and RV series instruments includes the guard leg. The beaker wall (for

HA/HB instruments) or the guard leg (for LV/RV instruments) define what is called the “outer boundary”

of the measurement. The spindle factors for the LV, RV, and HA/HB spindles were developed with the

above boundary conditions. The spindle factors are used to convert the instrument torque (expressed

as the dial reading or %Torque value) into centipoise. Theoretically, if measurements are made with

different boundary conditions, e.g., without the guard leg or in a container other than 600 ml beaker,

then the spindle factors found on the Factor Finder cannot be used to accurately calculate an absolute

viscosity. Changing the boundary conditions does not change the viscosity of the fluid, but it does

change how the instrument torque is converted to centipoise. Without changing the spindle factor to

suit the new boundary conditions, the calculation from instrument torque to viscosity will be incorrect.

Practically speaking, the guard leg has the greatest effect when used with the #1 & #2 spindles of the

LV and RV spindle sets (Note: RV/HA/HB #1 spindle is not included in standard spindle set). Any

other LV (#3 & #4) or RV (#3 - #7) spindle can be used in a 600 mL beaker with or without the guard

leg to produce correct results. The HA and HB series Viscometers/Rheometers are not supplied with

guard legs in order to reduce the potential problems when measuring high viscosity materials. HA/

HB spindles #3 through #7 are identical to those spindle numbers in the RV spindle set. The HA/HB

#1 & #2 have slightly different dimensions than the corresponding RV spindles. This dimensional

difference allows the factors between the RV and HA/HB #1&#2 spindles to follow the same ratios as

the instrument torque even though the boundary conditions are different.

The recommended procedures of using a 600 mL beaker and the guard leg are difficult for some

customers to follow. The guard leg is one more item to clean. In some applications the 500 ml of test

fluid required to immerse the spindles in a 600 mL beaker is not available. In practice, a smaller vessel

Brookfield Viscometer Manual Download For Windows 7

may be used and the guard leg is removed. The Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer will produce an

accurate and repeatable torque reading under any measurement circumstance. However, the conversion

of this torque reading to centipoise will only be correct if the factor used was developed for those specific

conditions. Brookfield has outlined a method for recalibrating a Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer

to any measurement circumstance in More Solutions to Sticky Problems. It is important to note that

for many viscometer users the true viscosity is not as important as a repeatable day to day value. This

repeatable value can be obtained without any special effort for any measurement circumstance. But, it

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Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Page 23

Manual No. M14-023

to scroll to the required value. Press the SELECT Hot Key to accept the change. Press the BACK

Brookfield Viscometer Manual Download Free

or HOME Hot Key to cancel any change.

II.8.5 Tmp. Offset

The DV1 Viscometer supports the use of an offset for the temperature measurement through the

DVP-94Y temperature probe. The Brookfield DVP-94Y temperature probe has an accuracy of +/-

1.0°C in the range of -100° to 149.9°C and +/-2.0°C in the range of 150° to 300°C. An offset may

be entered into the DV1 to adjust the temperature reading to be in agreement with a third party

measurement device. The offset can be set to any value between -5.0° to 5.0°C or -9.0° to 9.0°F.

TIP: The determination of a temperature offset requires the use of a third party calibrated

temperature probe. Be sure to allow for proper thermal equilibrium between the DVP-

94Y Brookfield probe and the third party probe.

The TMP. OFFSET screen in the Options Menu displays the current offset value. The factory setting

is 0.0°C. To change the TMP. Offset value, press the SELECT Hot Key and then use the Arrow Keys

to scroll to the required number. Press the SELECT Hot Key to accept the change. Press the BACK

or HOME Hot Key to cancel any change.

II.8.6 Language

The DV1 Viscometer supports several languages for the instrument display. Available languages

include: Chinese, English , French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. The Language

Brookfield Dv I Viscometer Manual

screen in the Options Menu displays the currently selected Language. To select a new language, press

the SELECT Hot Key and then use the Arrow Keys to scroll through the list of available languages.

Press the SELECT Hot Key to accept the language choice. The screen will return to the Options

Menu with the newly selected language indicated.

II.8.7 Connect

The Connect function resets the USB A (printer) and the USB A (computer) communication port.

Use this function to trouble shoot any performance issue when trying to print to the Dymo printer

or communicate with Brookfield Wingather SQ software.
The Connect screen in the Options Menu displays a reminder to check the cable connections as the

first step in trouble shooting. Once the SELECT Hot Key is pressed, the DV1 will take several seconds

to reset the ports and then a message will be displayed indicating that the function is complete. Press

the HOME Hot Key to return to the main screen.

II.8.8 Reset

The Reset function will return all user set parameters (except spindle and speed) to the factory default

settings. The Reset screen in the Options Menu indicates the reset action. Press the SELECT Hot

Viscometer Manual

Key to initiate the reset function. Upon completion of the reset function, the display will be set to

the About Options screen (Section II.8.9).

TIP: The Reset function cannot be reversed.

II.8.9 About

The About screen presents the information seen on the start up screen including Viscometer Name,

Viscometer Model (LV, RV, HA, HB or other) and the firmware version of the viscometer operating


Brookfield Viscometer Troubleshooting


Brookfield Viscometer Parts

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