Cisco Ip Phone 7941g User Manual

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Cisco ip phone 7942 setup. Cisco ip phone 7942 troubleshooting. Cisco ip phone hide caller id. How to block a number on cisco ip phone 7942. Cisco ip phone 7962 set up. Cisco Unified IP Phones 7942G and 7962G for Cisco Unified USER GUIDE Provides access to phone settings such as display contrast and ring type. 8 Provides hookflash functionality.

  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G/7940G and 7961G/7941G. The Cisco Unified IP phones 7940/7960 and 7941/7961 are multiline phones. The 7940 and 7941 have two lines; the 7960 and 7961 have 4 lines. The 7941/7961 phone provides a higher resolution display than the 7940/7960 phones, and are similar in operation. Physical Layout.
  • Solved: I have a brand new 7941G phone that we attempted to change from SCCP to SIP for testing. We placed the contents of the firmware zip file into a tftp directory and pointed DHCP option 66 to that tftp server and started the upgrade process.

Cisco IP Phone 7941/7942/7961/7962 Users






Cisco phone model

Shows the Cisco Unified IP phone model number.

2 LCD screen

Displays information such as call status, phone number, and soft key tabs.


Line / speed-dial button

Opens a new line, speed-dials a phone number, or ends a call.


Foot stand adjustment

Allows you to adjust the angle of the phone base.


Directories button

Provides access to phone directories.


Question button

Cisco Ip Phone 7941 Manual Download

Get help about button by pressing this button and then press the button
you want help with. The help information will appear in the LCD screen.


Settings button

Provides access to phone settings such as display contrast and ring type.


Speaker button

Toggles the speaker on and off.


Mute button

Toggles mute on and off.


Headset button

Toggles the headset on and off.


Cisco Ip Phone 7941 Manual Svenska

Volume button

Increases or decreases handset, headset, ringer, or speakerphone volume
depending upon which feature is currently active.


Services button

Provides access to phone services.



Messages button

Provides access to the voice mail system.


Navigation button

Scrolls through text and selects features that are displayed on the LCD



Functions like a traditional telephone keypad.


Soft keys buttons

Engages the functions displayed on the corresponding LCD tabs.

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  • Cisco IP Phone 7941/7942/7961/7962 Users Guide
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The communication needs of the corporate world are constantly on the rise. Keeping in tune with this trend, Cisco Unified Communications have introduced a number of premium and feature-rich phones meant for unhindered communication like Cisco IP phone 7941. The various features are easily understandable and accessible for anyone.

The being said, these phones are equipped with a number of security features that ensure that your conversations are kept private to the involved parties only. From the LCD screen to microphone quality, the specifications of these phones are unparalleled, making them the best choice for offices that handle a significant amount of telephone communication.

Cisco IP Phone 7941

The Cisco 7941 is a multi-feature handset that offers a number of feature buttons on the side with four soft keys that helps the user access its various functions. Understanding the interface is extremely easy and you will get used to it just after using it for a few hours. It is the functionality as well as the physical features of the set that make it perfect for office use.

This phone allows voice communication over data network being used by a computer. It can place, transfer, hold calls and even dial multiple lines for conference calls.

IP Phone 7941/7961 User Manual

An In-depth Discussion of the Various Features:

  • Headset and Its Port: The headset port makes its use very simple. The need of an amplifier is eliminated due to the use of a dedicated headset, allowing the headset to remain in its cradle and thus make it easy to use.
  • Display and Volume Control: One of the easily visible specifications of the phone set is the big, high-resolution screen with high graphic properties and 4-bit gray scale display (320X222). The button for volume control has been put in a highly convenient location. It helps in adjusting the decibel level of the speaker, headphone, ringer and the handset. Getting the right volume is important for clear and undistorted communication.
  • Ringtone and Configuration Features: There are a total of 24 ringtones available for the user to adjust on Cisco IP phone 7941 series. The IP address assignment can be configured statically or through the DHCP client.
  • Speaker, Mute, and Other Options: The inclusion of features such as mute and speakerphone allows the user to make phone calls in any way that is convenient to them. A phone call when be shifted from mute to speaker to handset mode with the press of a button. The buttons belonging to individual features light up when it is active.

Cisco Ip Phone 7965 Instruction Manual

As is apparent from its various features mentioned above, the Cisco 7941 phone offers a number of specifications and features. These make it highly functional for offices and workspaces that handle a moderate amount of telephonic conversation.

Cisco Ip Phone 7965 Manual Pdf

The body of the phone is made from premium polycarbonate ABS plastic, which is gray in color, which makes it look great on your desktop. This phone helps you keep an open line of communication with your customers and clients. If you are to miss a call from someone important, the phone will store the message for you and allow a call back with a single touch.