Controllogix Controlnet Interface Module User Manual

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The ControlLogix controller is part of the Logix5000 family of controllers. A ControlLogix system includes:. the ControlLogix contro ller is available in different combinations of user memory. RSLogix 5000 programming software. 1756 ControlLogix I/O modules that reside in a 1756 chassis. ControlLogix-XT module can withstand only the environments specified for the traditional ControlLogix version of the module. For example, if a 1756-CN2RXT module is used in a traditional 1756-A10 chassis, the 1756-CN2RXT module can withstand only the environment specified for the traditional 1756-CN2R/B module. 1756-Series ControlLogix Module Installation Instructions (Each module has separate installation document.) Multiple 1756-IN numbers 1756-Series ControlLogix System User Manual 1756-UM001 1756-Series ControlLogix Analog I/O Modules User Manual 1756-6.5.9 1756-CNB, -CNBR ControlLogix ControlNet Interface Module User Manual 1756-6.5.3. Adhere to SIL2 requirements Using ControlLogix in SIL2 Applications Safety Reference Manual publication 1756-RM001 configure and program redundant controller systems ControlLogix Redundancy System User Manual publication 1756-UM523 use a state model for your controller configure equipment phase programs PhaseManager User Manual publication. ControlLogix User Manual ControlNet Interface Module (Cat. 1756-CNB, -CNBR) Allen-Bradley AB Drives. Important User Information Because of the variety of uses for the products described in this publication, those responsible for the application and use of this control equipment must.

Installation Instructions
Catalog Number 1756-M03SE, 1756-M08SE, 1756-M16SE,
The ControlLogix® SERCOS interface™ module links a ControlLogix
controller to SERCOS interface drives. The module uses fiber optic
Before You Install the Module
To control up to this many

Controllogix Programming Manual

Use this moduleWhich lets you control the

What Is An Interface Module

8 SERCOS interface drives1756-M08SEyesyesyes
8 SERCOS interface drives that
Install and ground a ControlLogix chassis.
Get the fiber optic cables for your application.

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