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Download Projectors Owner's Manual of Dell 1201MP Projector for free. Dell 1201MP Projector Manual. Download user manual for Dell 1410x Projector. This document in PDF contains owners manual, operating instructions or user guide, troubleshooting manual. Dell 1610HD Coupon: Dell Dell Projector. Dell 1610HD Projector User Manual. Troubleshooting your projector, Troubleshooting your. Dell Projectors. Manuals Directory - online owner manuals library. Dell manuals. 1610HD Projector.

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  • Dell 1610HD projector, carrying case, power cord, VGA cable, remote control, 2 x AAA battery, user’s guide in CD (HTML format), quick start guide, product information guide Standard warranty and service.
  • Jan 21, 2015  View And Download Dell 1610HD User Manual. Dell 1610HD user guide manual was written in English and published in PDF File (Portable Document Format). You can find helpful and important information or learn the basics of Dell 1610HD manual with its user manual, user guide, owners manual and instruction manual.


Troubleshooting Your Projector

If you experience problems with your projector, see the following troubleshooting

Dell M900hd Projector Manual

tips. If the problem persists, contact Dell™. See Contacting Dell™ on page 74.

No image appears on the


Possible Solution

• Ensure that the lens cap is removed and the

projector is turned on.

• Ensure that you have chosen the correct

input source on the INPUT SELECT menu.

• Ensure the external graphics port is enabled.

If you are using a Dell™ Laptop computer,


(Fn+F8). For other

Dell 1610hd Manual

computers, see your respective

documentation. If images are not displayed

properly, please upgrade the video driver of

your computer. For Dell computer, see

Dell Dell 1610hd Manual Download 2017

• Ensure that all the cables are securely

Dell Dell 1610hd Manual Download Windows 10

connected. See 'Connecting Your Projector'

• Ensure that the pins of the connectors are

not bent or broken.

• Ensure that the lamp is securely installed

(see 'Changing the Lamp' on page 67).

• Use Test Pattern in the Others menu.

Ensure that the colors of the test pattern are


Missing Input Source.

Go to Advanced Enable/Disable Sources,

Cannot switch to particular

ensure that particular Input Source is set to

Input Source.

Dell Dell 1610hd Manual Download


Troubleshooting Your Projector


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