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User as the username and password. Next Click on Management then Software. Under Software Upgrade click Choose File. Navigate to Downloads and select the file ending in.ipk Once the install package is selected click Open. Click the Upgrade button. The CPE will upgrade the firmware then reboot. Log back in and check that the firmware was. Aug 21, 2013  Green Packet Standard Modem – EX-250 - Romario99 - 2013-08-20 Hello guys, does anyone know what the default admin password for the green packet ex250 wimax modem is? I tried admin/admin but that does work. The non-admin username and passwords are user/user. I asked my isp but they say they only know user/user but I know they are not telling.

For a more in-depth look at the installation process, please refer
to the Installation section of the User’s Manual.

Hardware Installation:

Green Packet Dx 250 User Manual

1. Unpack the DX-1 Disc Publisher and place it

in the selected workspace. This space
should have enough vertical space to allow
for easy loading of media into the input
hopper and have enough room at the back
to allow for any rejected discs to exit the DX-
1 Disc Publisher without obstacles.


Plug the power cord into the back of the DX-1

Disc Publisher and turn on the switch above the
cord. Next, press the power button on the front panel to turn on the printer.

3. Install the 3 Input Rods and attach the Output Bin using the thumbscrews.

The wide Input Rod should be installed in the right-hand position, as marked.


Install the Microboards ink cartridges.




Remove the tape from the front of the DX-1 Disc Publisher, lift the lid, and

remove the tape from the print carriage when it is in the center of the printer.


Raise the cradle latches. Remove the ink cartridges from the packaging

and carefully remove the plastic tape covering the print head.


Gently insert the ink cartridges into the appropriate cradles. Do not try to

force the cartridges into place as doing so may damage the cartridge.


Secure the cradle latches and close the lid. The print carriage will return to

the right neutral position.


Connect the DX-1 Disc Publisher to the computer using the USB cable provided.

Please be sure the computer is off during this process.


Plug the small end of the USB cable into the back of the DX-1 Disc Publisher.


Plug the larger end of the USB cable into an available USB 2.0

port on the PC. Confirm that both ends of the cable are securely


Turn the PC on at this point.

The Hardware Installation is now complete. Proceed next to the installation of the
DX-1 Disc Publisher Drivers and Software.

Driver Installation:

Windows 2000 and Windows XP will find the new hardware and will step you through
the installation process.

DX-1 Disc Publisher Installation

Quick Reference Guide


Once the Hardware Installation is complete, verify that the printer is fully powered

on and the connections to the computer are secure.


Turn on the computer to which

the DX-1 Disc Publisher is
connected. Once the computer
boots, you will be notified that the
new USB connection has been


Click the Next button.


Place the DX-1 Disc Publisher

Software CD into the CD/DVD
ROM drive.


Windows 2000

: Select the option to Search for a suitable driver, and click

Next. Check the CD-ROM Drives Box and click Next. Click the Next button
again when you are notified that the driver has been found.

Windows XP

: Select the option to Install from a list or specific location and

click Next. Check the Search Removable Media box and click Next.


Once the USB drivers have been copied, click the Finish button.

7. A second USB driver installation will occur next. Repeat steps 3 through 6.


The Print driver installation will occur next. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to install

the print drivers. If the Digital Signature screen appears, click the Yes or Continue
button at the bottom of the screen. The drivers will then be copied to
the hard drive.

NOTE: The USB and print driver installations may occur in a different order than

that listed above. This will not affect the operation of the DX-1.


Green Packet Dx 250 User Manual Online

Verify the installation of the DX-1 Disc Publisher by clicking the Start button.

Select Printers and Faxes from the Start menu, either through the Settings
menu for Windows 2000 or directly in the Start menu for Windows XP. You will
see the new printer installed and available for use.

DX-1 Disc Publisher controller and Software Installation:

The DX-1 Disc Publisher controllers, PrassiTech Zulu 2, and SureThing Disk Labeler
are included on the Software disc.


DX-1 Disc Publisher Controller Installation:


Click the Start button and select Run from the Start menu. Click the Browse

button and go to the CD/DVD drive, highlight


, click the Open

button, then click OK.


Click the Next button on the next window. Once the window reads Ready to

Install the Program, click the Install button. Click Finish once the installation
completes. The Zulu2 software installation will begin automatically.

PrassiTech Zulu2 Installation:


Click the Next button to begin the Zulu2 installation process.


After the installation process completes,

remove the check

from the Reboot

Computer box and click Finish. Rebooting will occur after installing SureThing.

SureThing CD Labeler Installation:


Click the Start button and select Run from the Start menu. Click the Browse

button and go to the CD/DVD drive, highlight


and click the

Open button, then click OK.


Read the Software License and Warranty information and click the I Accept

button to continue the installation of SureThing.


Click the Next button at the Welcome screen.


To install to the default

directory, click Next on the
Select Destination Directory
screen. If you wish to install to
a different location, select that
location before clicking Next.


Green Packet Dx 250 User Manual Instructions

Select adding a desktop

shortcut and the location in
which the Start Menu shortcut
will be created, or make no
changes to select the default
locations. Click Next when the
locations are suitable.


Click Start on the next screen to install the application.


Click Finish once the installation is complete. You will also have the opportunity

to register the software on-line.


The driver and software installation is now

complete. The computer will need to be
rebooted for the software to operate correctly.
Click OK to reboot. If you choose not to
reboot at this time, click the Cancel button
to reboot later. Remember, the computer
must be rebooted prior to running the DX-1
Disc Publisher, Zulu2, or SureThing.

Installation of the DX-1 Disc Publisher is complete. After rebooting,
the printer will need to be aligned and the robotics configured prior
to burning and printing disks. Please see the DX-1 Disc Publisher
Configuration Quick Reference Guide on the other side of this page,
or refer to the appropriate sections of the User’s Manual.

820-00152-01 Rev B

Green Packet Dx-250 Manual


Green Packet Dx 250 User Manual 2017

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