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Congratulations on selecting a Harman® Freestanding Pellet Stove. The Harman® Accentra pellet stove you have selected is designed to provide the utmost in safety, reliability, and efficiency. As the owner of a new pellet stove, you’ll want to read and carefully follow all of the instructions contained in this owner’s. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Harman PELLET P61A Indoor Fireplace, Pellet stove, Stove. Database contains 8 Harman PELLET P61A Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Installation & operating manual, Installation and operating manual, Installation manual, Owners manual care and operation, Owner's. Harman Stove Company Stove Advance Pellet Stove. Harman Stove Company Stove User Manual. Harman Stove Company Stove P68. Harman Stove Insatllation And.


P68 Pellet Stove


Manual start uP

helpful hints

1. Fines are small pieces of broken pellets (sawdust). Fines do not

flow easily and often build up on the hopper funnel bottom angles.

You can push these fines into the feeder opening and then fill the

hopper with pellets. As the system works, they will be burned. Or

you can clean them out before filling the hopper.As the system

works, they will be burned.

2. The 'TEST' cycle will operate the feeder motor for exactly one

minute. Turning to 'TEST' again and again may purge too much

fuel into the burn pot causing excessive smoke on start-up.

3. The firebox low pressure switch will not allow the auger motor

or the igniter element to operate if the view door or the ash pan

door are open.


4. Adjust Feed Rate. If this is your first fire or you are trying different

pellets, set the feed adjuster to #4, Fig. 19. This is a conservative

number and will probably need to be increased. After you know a

feed rate setting that works well, use that setting. Remember, if your

feed rate is too high you may waste fuel.

5. This is usually a weekly maintenance procedure. Cleaning the

burn pot with the scraper with a small amount of new fuel in the

bottom is not a problem. First, scrape the ashes on the front of the

burn pot into the ash pan. Then, scrape the top surface of the burn

pot downward into the base of the burn pot. When the stove is

ignited these scrapings will be pushed out by the feeder and burned.

6. The ash pan can hold the ashes from approximately 1 ton of

premium fuel. This means the ashes will only need to be emptied

a few times a year.

7. Setting the feed adjuster # for maximum burn: With the unit

burning in 'AUTO', turn to 'Stove Mode' and put the fan on 'H'.

Set the Temperature Dial to #7. Allow the unit to burn for about 30

minutes and check ash on front of burn pot. Fig. 21. If the ash line

is larger than 1', turn the feed adjuster from #3 to #4. Allow another

30 minutes of burn time and check again. If , at #6 setting, a 1' or

less ash bed is not obtainable, it is not a problem. The 1' ash bed

is only at maximum burn rate and at most normal settings the ash

bed will be larger.

Fig. 20

Fig. 19

Fig. 21


See Hint #7.

Manual 'cold' start


do not use cheMicals or Fluids to start

the Fire. For eXaMPle: never use gasoline,

gasoline-tYPe lantern Fuel, Kerosene,

charcoal lighter Fluid, or siMilar liQuids to

start or 'Freshen uP' a Fire in this heater.

KeeP all such liQuids Well aWaY FroM the

heater While it is in use.

igniter switch to 'Manual'
Make sure the unit is plugged into a 120 VAC, 60 HZ electrical

Breckwell P22 Series

Harman p68 pellet stove manual

iMPortant: To avoid unwanted smoke, Be sure there is

no fuel or other combustibles in the ash pan prior to lighting.
Keep all doors closed during operation. Maintain all seals

and gaskets in good condition.
Use only the burn pot, as supplied in the firebox, to support

or contain the burning fuel. No other form of grate or rack

is permitted.
1. turn Feed adjuster to the desired feed rate. No. 4

is good for most pellets.

2. turn the Mode selector to “oFF” and then to the

desired mode. This will reset the control and start the

combustion motor.

3. turn the teMPerature dial to the desired setting.
4. clean the burn pot with the scraper, if necessary.
5. Fill the burn pot with pellets, only level with front edge.

(Do Not Over Fill).

note: if an automatic ignition was attempted - be sure

to give the appliance at least 30 minutes of cooling time

before proceeding with these instructions.
6. add starting gel on top of the pellets.
Stir the gel into

Harman P68 Pellet Stove User Manual Instructions

pellets for faster lighting.

Harman P68 Pellet Stove User Manual Download

see caution beloW. The use of a starting gel that is

commercially marketed for use with pellet stoves is permitted

onlY when performing a cold start. Also be sure to perform

the above steps in sequence to ensure combustion blower

operation before applying the starting gel. Follow the starter

manufacturer's instructions for proper application.
7. light the starting gel with a match, and close the door.

Operation will begin when the fire reaches the proper


8. Fill the hopper with pellets and remove ashes as

Harman P68 Pellet Stove User Manual


Harman P68 Pellet Stove User Manual 2017


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