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  1. Http:// Datasheets Gtop Locus Library User Manual-v13.pdf Pdf
  1. Data Sheet The FGPMMOPA6H is a 4 th generation GPS antenna module with lightning fast TTFF, ultra high sensitivity (-165dBm), and low power consumption in a small form factor (
  2. Since all GPS's output NMEA sentences and often for our projects we need to extract the actual data from them, we've simplified the task tremendously when using the Adafruit GPS library. By having the library read, store and parse the data in a background interrupt it becomes trivial to query the library and get the latest updated information.
  3. Document Global Top LOCUS Library User Manual Author Hector Su Date 2011/09/27 Ver. 1.0 The document is the exclusive property of GlobalTop Tech Inc. And should not be distributed, reproduced, or any other format without prior.

Ultimate GPS Breakout Board. The Breadboard Breakout board comes with: a ultra-low dropout 3.3V regulator so you can power it with 3.3-5VDC in, 5V level safe inputs, ENABLE pin so you can turn off the module using any microcontroller pin or switch, a footprint for optional CR1220 coin cell to keep the RTC running and allow warm starts and a tiny bright red LED.

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welcome aboard > kit > modules > Adafruit Ultimate GPS FeatherWing

Adafruit Ultimate GPS FeatherWing

Http Datasheets Gtop Locus Library User Manual-v13.pdf


  • -165 dBm sensitivity, 10 Hz updates, 66 channels
  • Only 20mA current draw
  • RTC with coin battery backup
  • Built-in datalogging
  • PPS (pulse per second) output on fix
  • Internal patch antenna + u.FL connector for external active antenna
  • Fix status LED
  • Technical specs
    • Satellites: 22 tracking, 66 searching
    • Patch Antenna Size: 15mm x 15mm x 4mm
    • Update rate: 1 to 10 Hz
    • Position Accuracy: < 3 meters (all GPS technology has about 3m accuracy)
    • Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 meters/s
    • Warm/cold start: 34 seconds
    • Acquisition sensitivity: -145 dBm
    • Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm
    • Maximum Velocity: 515m/s
    • MTK3339 Operating current: 25mA tracking, 20 mA current draw during navigation
    • Output: NMEA 0183, 9600 baud default
    • DGPS/WAAS/EGNOS supported
    • FCC E911 compliance and AGPS support (Offline mode : EPO valid up to 14 days )
    • Up to 210 PRN channels
    • Jammer detection and reduction
    • Multi-path detection and compensation

The Wing is built around the MTK3339 chipset, a no-nonsense, high-quality GPS module that can track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels, has an excellent high-sensitivity receiver (-165 dB tracking!), and a built in antenna. It can do up to 10 location updates a second for high speed, high sensitivity logging or tracking. Power usage is incredibly low, only 20 mA during navigation.


Adafruit: Ultimate GPS Featherwing Overview
MTK3329/MTK3339 command set sheet
MTK3329/MTK3339 Datasheet
LOCUS (built-in-datalogging system) user guide
Arduino: GPS Tutorials


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Http:// Datasheets Gtop Locus Library User Manual-v13.pdf Pdf

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