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Slim Wax Premium Edition – Gun Metal Black $ 29.99. Add to Wishlist Quick View. Slim Premium. Slim Wax Premium Edition – Silver $ 29.99. Here at The Kind Pen, we are fiercely committed to selling our products to adults 21 years of age or older. Our products are NOT for smoking tobacco or to administer illicit.

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Company Info

Operating out of New Jersey, the folks at The Kind Pen strive to create high-performance alternative vape devices that live up to the company name. The Kind Pen is strictly concerned with “effective delivery systems” that offer “a healthy and affordable alternative to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs.”

With their pristine line of vape products, The Kind Pen mirrors the values of their smarter consumer base. “With five clicks and a deep breath, The Kind Pen is letting people taste the world in a wonderful new way.”

Visit The Kind Pen site, and you’ll find a helpful array of devices, accessories, and useful information. All you have to do is take a glance at the “shop” tab on their homepage to see how well-stocked they are in concentrate, e-liquid, and oil-friendly devices.

And for the herbal combustion enthusiast, the Kind Pen has a modest selection of products as well. They also offer a lifetime warranty on most of their products—another key indicator of a vape company with true quality in mind.

Product Descriptions and Review

One my favorite things about today’s vape industry is that there’s really no unifying standard or aesthetic for packaging. Obviously, that can be a problem when packaging becomes vulnerable or cumbersome, but it also affords companies the opportunity to really set themselves apart and wow the end user with design and durability. Every Kind Pen in this review was beautifully packaged with an Apple-esque aesthetic that inspires confidence in the company’s tech and intuitive mechanics.

Slim Oil Premium

The Kind Pen-Slim Oil Premium

My first Kind Pen experience was with the Slim Oil Premium. In hindsight, it’s really an ideal summation of everything The Kind Pen does best. It’s durable, reliable, efficient, and easy to use. On top of all that, it’s sleek as hell.

The Silm Oil package includes:

  • Temp Control Battery
  • Refillable 0.5 ML Ceramic/Wickless Oil Cartridge
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Slim Oil Premium gun-metal black battery is cool to the touch and very satisfying to hold and operate. It also unscrews easily to change out cartridges without feeling flimsy. It also charges exceptionally fast.

The 0.5 ml ceramic cartridge that comes with the Slim Oil Premium is adequately designed. It looks great and provides exceptional heat. The Kind Pen variable voltage battery operates on an easy, industry-standard click system.

Five clicks turn on the device, as indicated by the flashing blue LED light. Three clicks will change between the three temperature settings (indicated by blue, green, and red lights), and two clicks will activate a vape cycle. During a vape cycle, the LED light also cycles through several different colors, creating a soothing visual experience to match the pen’s smooth, flavorful vape and heavy clouds.

The Slim Oil Premium is light and discreet (as its name would suggest) but it packs a punch and facilitates a calming multi-sensory experience.

Look: 4.5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5

Slim Wax

My experience with the Slim Wax wasn’t incredibly different from that of the Slim Oil Premium, but the differences were significant. The Slim Wax comes in a limited selection of bright colors with a matte finish.

I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the matte finish, as well as the light blue color of my particular device. What I least enjoyed was the Slim Wax’s rubber mouthpiece. Though it fits snug onto the tip of the pen and performs its function adequately, it is easily removable and potentially easy to lose.

The Slim Wax heats with a dual ceramic rod/titanium coil atomizer. Form and function meet beautifully in the coil chamber, where the heat of the coil is visible through tiny clouded windows. Having a visual indication of the heating process made me feel like I had total control over the vape, which in turn added to the strength of the vapor.

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 3.5/5

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5

Variable Voltage Battery

For on-the-go vape sessions, having an extra Variable Voltage Battery can be incredibly valuable. I even found that the silver battery I received from The Kind Pen was even more powerful than the battery that came with the Slim Oil. Transitioning between batteries with Kind Pen devices is truly seamless.

Kind Pen Slim Premium User Manual Software

If you’re looking for a powerful, sustainable vapor when you’re on the move, I highly recommend picking up an extra battery for your Slim Oil or Slim Wax.

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 5/5


The Kind Pen-Dream

After having handled and used The Kind Pen’s Slim devices, I was really surprised at the size and weight of the Dream—a powerful, heavy-duty wax pen with varying degrees of successful design and innovation.

My Dream pen came in its parent company’s signature gun-metal black finish, which the pen’s impressive size put on full, glorious display. The Dream's initial presentation—facilitated by a magnetically sealed, partially transparent quality cardboard package—is beautiful and user-friendly. The Dream package includes:

  • Touch Sensor 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Glass Mouthpiece with AirFlow Control
  • Deep Ceramic Chamber
  • Dual Quartz Rods / Titanium Coil
  • Coilless Chamber with Ceramic Dish (Zero Combustion)
  • Elevated Air Flow System
  • Universal Micro USB Charging Port
  • Lifetime Warranty

I was quite surprised by the Dream’s unusual width (especially after having used the Slim pens), but definitely in a good way. Its diameter exceeds that of most other concentrate vape pens, but its size and weight really inspire confidence in the device’s performance.

And for the most part, the Dream lives up to its image. The glass dome has a splatter guard below its mouthpiece—another innovative feature I’ve never seen on another vape pen. It also has an adjustable air vent so you can alter the level of resistance. When I used the Dream with its dual quartz rod atomizer, the full flavor, strong clouds, and potent heat lived up to its 2016 “Best Vaporizer” award from High Times Magazine.

The ceramic dish chamber didn’t produce nearly as much cloud but left the flavor fully intact. So if you’re really into flavored e-liquids or terpene dominance, the ceramic dish is ideal.

The On Button! Where is the button?

If you're the type of skipping the manual, one feature that may get you to scratch your head is how to activate the heating coil. But once you have figured it out, it will be like your secret weapon - Only you and you alone can use your Dream.

The kind pen slim manual

At the bottom of the Dream is a little touch-sensitive metal contact disc. When you touch and hold this disc with the tip of your finger, you activate the coil.

Here's how to dream (pun intended):

1. 5 quick taps to turn on your dream -- enter dreamland.
2. Once the dream is on, 3 quick taps will circle through the different heating mode: Green/430°C, Yellowish Green/390°C, and Red/350°C. -- select dream mode
3. Touch and hold to activate the coil -- you're in for a delightful dream.

I do have to admit that it took me a couple tries to figure the correct finger position to use the dream (hint: use your pinky). It's quite a novelty feature using a touch-sensitive button instead of a real physical button. You will either love it or wish for a more traditional clicking button.

Look: 4/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 3/5

Effectiveness: 4/5

Overall Score: 4/5

Series X

Finally, we come to the Kind Pen Series X. In many respects, this oil cartridge vaporizer lies on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Dream. In fact, it might be the most compact portable vape I’ve ever used. The Series X includes:

  • Temp Control 350mAh Battery(2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v) w/ Preheat(2.0v)
  • OLED Digital Display
  • 0.5ML Metal/Glass Ceramic Tank
  • Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter
  • 5 Click On/Off – Safety Feature
  • Universal Micro USB Charging Port
  • Lifetime Warranty

The battery, display, and chamber for the cartridge are all nestled in a gorgeous, compact unit (which, similarly to the Slim Wax, comes in a variety of standout colors). The cartridge base is magnetic, so changing out cartridges is exceptionally fluid. The digital display is simple, perhaps even to a fault (an LED light would have been adequate), but it really adds to the look and feel of the whole piece.

And where performance is concerned, you really get to have your cake and eat it too with the Series X. This vape pen may be tiny, but it’s as powerful as any other high-quality device on the market. Its flavor wasn’t quite as strong as other Kind Pen devices, but it produces thick clouds that you can really feel in your lungs. Every time I took a hit, I couldn’t contain my surprise at how powerfully this little guy performed.

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 4.5/5

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5


True to their name, The Kind Pen facilitates a truly altruistic vape experience. The aromatherapeutic quality of their vape pens can’t be overstated. Having spent most of my time vaping with flower-centric devices, I’m relatively new to the world of dabbing and oil, but I think I’ve found a company I can keep coming back to for my concentrate needs.

Want to try a Kind Pen product for yourself, use the Kind Pen coupon code: bekind30 and receive 30% OFF sitewide!


The Kind Pen - Portable Vaporizer PenThere can now be no denying that the electronic age is alive and well when it comes to “smoking.” More and more people are seeking out the vaping experience as there now become fewer places to legally smoke traditional cigarettes. If there is one problem – albeit not a bad one – which the ecig industry is facing is that there are now all sorts of subcategories to choose from. There are those who will vape nothing but dry herbs, while others swear by wax or oil. There really is no wrong selection, as it all comes down to personal choice. The V2 Vaporizer by the kind pen is an all-in-one vape which uses interchangeable coils/cartridges. If you are looking for a vape specifically for ground material, check out our dry herb vaporizer selection as it offers choices from $34.95 for something like the Nova 2 and up to $339.95 for the Mighty vape.
The issue here is deciding which is best for you, which usually means buying a bunch of different attachments for your vaporizer pen. The good news is that there is now a single solution to that problem, and it comes in the shape of The Kind Pen. While this great looking vaporizer pen appears to be like many of the other vape pens currently available, it has the distinction of coming with separate attachments for dry herb, wax and oil. The Kind Pen portable vaporizer not only delivers a great vaping experience, it also gives you the option of changing out what you vape as your mood suits.
The Kind Pen kit comes with a battery, as well, and is available in three cool colors. It also includes a mouthpiece that is used whether you vape wax or dry herb. The great thing about the kit is that all three of the attachments are clearly marked so that newbies don’t make the mistake of putting the wrong product in the attachment that they are using. Also included with The Kind Pen personal vaporizer kit are several handy little accessories and tools, including a USB charger, a dabber, a cleaning tool and a convenient little silicone jar. Please keep in mind that the grinder keychain is no longer included. This is because customers have found the silicone jar to be more useful therefore the kind pen manufacturers have made the switch permanent.
The dry herb vaporizer attachment holds a small amount of dry herbal material therefore you may want a 2-pack herb attachment in case you want a longer vaping experience. This is a conduction vape which means it will fully vaporize concentrates but may ignite dry herb material. If you are looking for a vaporizer primarily for dry herbal blends, please click on the ATMOS JUMP VAPORIZER as it is the same price, can only be used for dry herbs and works using an oven instead of a coil. Changing between the dry herb, oil and wax vaporizer attachments on the V2 Kit is quick and easy, and the box that the kit comes with makes it incredibly simple to safely store all of your pieces.
When vaping with the dry herb attachment, you will love how a single push on the battery quickly heats up the element to deliver a very pleasing herb jolt. Vaping is just as effective and pleasing with the other attachments, making this the perfect device for those that like to mix things up a little when they vape. This herb, oil and wax vaporizer is about as good as it gets, and the cost of The Kind Pen kit is lower than buying the attachments for each type of material separately.

Reviews of V2 Vaporizer by Kind Pen

Average Rating :

4.7 Based on 104 ratings
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Most Accepted Reviews

Cool little thing. I love my V2 Vaporizer,but... only one tiny problem.

Kind Pen Slim Premium Settings

This personal vaporizer does everything! I only found one small problem. The herb chamber is small and for a shot or two is fine but do not overfill. Just wish a bigger chamber was made. The Warranty is excellent. The s/h is high to Puerto Rico,USA. Is better to buy your parts than look for the warranty. Portable Hookah has it all and always free shipping.
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Beyond satisfied!

I was skeptical about this product at first but I found that it hits extremely well and does the job effortlessly. No smell, and I'm baked as hell. Thanks! Definitely recommend.
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Great Purchase

Works really well and is great value for money
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The herb part doesn't really

The herb part doesn't really work, but the rest is fine the first battery came dead and I had to get a new one sent to me.
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Def a good starter kit!

The kind pen allowed me to enjoy both dry herb and wax anywhere I go. This pen is the most discreet portable vaporizer pen that I have ever seen. Also, I quit smoking stoges with the eLiquid chamber. With a lifetime warranty you cannot go wrong with this kit, literally CANNOT go wrong.
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Awesome pen

Great pen, portable, convenient, good price
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Thank u

Thank u
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Pretty good

Pretty good
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Good Starter Vape + GREAT Customer Service

I bought this as a starter vape and it works exactly as it should. The fact that there were attachments for dry herb, liquid, and wax really appealed to me. It does combust some of the dry herb, but I knew that before I purchased it. When my unit arrived I tried out each attachment right away to break it in. Liquid attachment worked as expected, wax attachment was perfect, but my dry herb attachment didn't seem to be connecting properly with the base and wouldn't work. I sent an email and within 2 days I got a reply stating that they had shipped out my replacement herb attachment. Very impressed with the customer service and I will certainly order from PH again!
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It's kool

I received it a couple days after I expected it but that wasn't a big problem for me. It's a kool pen, everything came as expected. In the video under the pen, the guy said he uses the grinder card that came with it, but I didn't get one and it wasn't on the list of things included so I wasn't upset. I will find another pen only because I thought there would be more room for the dry herb, but it's still a nice discreet pen for what it is. No regrets! Thanx Portable Hookah!!
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