Land Rover Series 1 User Manual

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Land rover series 1 parts manual pdf
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Rover Technical Publications
[OCR] = text searchable files.
[bookstore] = available from bookstores.

TP/108/D - Land Rover Series I 1948-1951
Operation Manual (1950)
TP/111/A - Tickford Station
Wagon Catalogue (1948)
TP/111/G - Land Rover Series I 1948-1953
Parts Catalogue (1958)
TP/138/C - Land Rover Series 1948-53
Workshop Manual (1956)
TP/155/E - Land Rover Series I 1954-1958
Parts Catalogue (1961)
TP/156/A - Instruction Manual Land Rover

TP/159 - Rover Workshop Tools (1957)

TP/160/A - Land Rover Pick-Up
Instruction Manual (1953)

TP/169/A - Land Rover 1954-57
86, 88, 107 y 109 Manual de Taller (1957)

TP/171/C - Land Rover 86 y 107
Manual del Propietario (1955)

TP/181/A - Land Rover 88 and 109
High Speed Diesel Instruction Manual (1957)

TP/215/A - Land Rover 88 and 109
Power Take-Off Units (1958)

TP/241/B - Land Rover Series I 1948-1958
Instruction Manual (1963)

TP/244/A - Land Rover Series I 1948-1958
Workshop Manual (1960)

TP/247/E - Rover Distributors
and Dealers (1961)

Rover Service Bulletins and Newsletters
Service Bulletins (1948)
Service Bulletins (1949)
Service Bulletins (1950)
Service Bulletins (1951)
Service Bulletins (1952)
Service Bulletins (1953)
Service Newsletters (1954)
Service Newsletters (1955)
Service Newsletter 80A (1956)

Related Publications

RT 1/49034 - Prototype Land-Rover (1948)

Handleiding voor Minerva
Licence Rover (1952)
Tempo Land-Rover

Catalogue de Pièces Détachées
OEM Parts Information
400D - Lucas Quality Equipment
400E - Lucas CAV Equipment

Lucas Equipment

CE456 - Lucas Land Rover

Amendments to
Lucas CE456 (1949)
Alterations to
Lucas CE456 (1949)

Lucas Catalogue of Quality
Electrical Equipment (1953)

CCE905F - Lucas Quality Equipment
Land Rover (1957)

CCE905J - Lucas Quality Equipment
Land Rover (1960)

819 - Lucas Instruction Booklet:
Electric WindscreenWipers Model CWX

228D - Lucas Instruction Booklet:
TrafficatorsInstructions for Fitting
and Maintenance
Lucas Workshop Instructions:
Trafficators SF80 andSE100 (1952)
Lucas Overseas Technical
Correspondence Course

PF1063L - Lucas Generator and
Control Box Tests (1963)

Girling Vehicle Brake and Clutch

Girling Brake and Clutch

Lucas WorkshopInstructions:

Aeroparts Recovery
Capstan Winch
Solex Type 32 PBI-2
Technical Leaflet

Solex Selection and Tuning
of the Carburetor
BP Energol Lubrication Guide

Regent Lubrication Guide
3954 - Dunlop Tyres

Lucas Service Parts 1950-65
Hidden flashers
compatible with trafficators
as used in 26135329 project

Recommended Books
Tony Hutchings
LandRover: The Early Years
James Taylor
OriginalLand Rover Series I
The Restorer's Guide to All Civil and MilitaryModels 1948-58
John Smith
Land-Rover: The Formative Years 1947-1967
TheRealStoryBehindtheWorldsMostVersatile Vehicle
Michael Bishop
They Found Our Engineer
The Story of Arthur Goddard. The Land Rover's First Engineer

Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
ICON: The Official Story of the Series Land Rover and Defender

Other sources

Der Serieblog
Lots of documents.
Land Rover 88' Série III Blog
Plenty of documents.
LegiónLand Rover Colombia
Documents of all models in different languages.
Plenty of documents for all models.

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