Midland Micro Mobile Mxt 115 Users Manual

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  1. Midland Micromobile Mxt115 User's Manual 2016


Midland Micro Mobile Mxt 115 Users Manual

Midland Micromobile Mxt115 User's Manual 2016

Feb 26, 2017
Meridian, Idaho

Apr 04, 2017  This is to show how my midland micro mobile radio, model MXT115 has receive problems as demonstrated on the same driving route around my neighborhood when compared to the midland.

So I thought I would introduce myself and start out with a new thread about my newest obsession. I just joined this evening and was poking around and thought I would Join the Forum I have been drawing Reference on for Years. Anyway, long time reader, 1st time poster.
So my latest project is the GMRS band and radios. I've had them for years but only used them occasionally for Hiking or hunting. Then Midland entered the market with these Micromobile, MXT line. I have 2 with a 3rd on the way. I live in the city but about 5 blocks from the Interstate that I drive up and down to work, about 18 miles away, pretty much a flat, straight shot, I also have a friend across town, almost line of sight but not quite. I needed a dependable set of radios that my family could use (daughter is 8, and wife doesn't like radios) So I settled on the GMRS band and the MXT's for a base and a mobile in my car since a GMRS handheld will not even come close to working all the way to my work in the next County. I will be using the MXT115's for both the base and my car, 15 watts seems to do the trick in town and in the car for the 18 miles of separation. I have a +5.5db gain antenna on the roof of a 2 story house, and both the wife's and daughters handhelds (small stock entry level Midlands) will reach the house from their school and work. These are for backup Comms, should cell towers ever go down, and are my 8 year old primary communication tool as she is too young to have a phone. She calls me everyday on her way home to let me know she is en route, on the bus. While setting these up today, the MXT115 I noticed a massive modulation fluctuation when receiving audio. We are using CTCSS tones and have had no problems with this on any other radios. This only happens while I am mobile, when parked, reception is crystal clear, but when back in motion, choppy audio reception returns. It sounds like gargling on the reception end. again, this is only on one radio, using CTCSS while in motion. I tried DCS SQ. and it seemed like it was a prevalent, and I will test more tomorrow. I will also test with no coded SQ. if I can find a semi quiet ch. I tried 2 different antennas with the same result. Nice thing is, I have a 2nd MXT (15 watt) on the way this week so I can compare the 2. My 5 watt, MXT100 is crystal clear while mobile, so I am kind of bummed. FYI, the 5 watt won't quite reach my work (Antennas are dialed in too) and the MXT400 is too big to fit neatly in my car and truck. Any Ideas?