Mini Hdmi To Ac User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/27/2021
  1. Mini Hdmi To Ac User Manual Free

User Manual: 1080P HD Mini USB Wall Charger Camera

  • Mini HDMI adapters for connecting mobile devices to a laptop, television, or other standard display with HDMI, VGA or DVI connectors.
  • Power cord to an AC outlet Insert the provided AAA batteries. A red LED will pulse on the front of the sound bar indicating boot up. If your TV does not have an HDMI ARC or optical output, connect the sound bar to the TV with the provided AUX cable. (Only HDMI and optical inputs support Dolby 5.1 decoding) TV ARC 5V 500mA TV ARC 5V 500mA.
  • 1.2 Packing List Part Quantity Player A/V cable Y/Pb/Pr cable Remote Control Remote Control Battery AC/DC adaptor User Manual (printed) AC Ryan HDMI cable 1 (optional) Note: The actual contents in the package might be different from the packing list in this manual. 1.3 Cautions This player’s design and manufacture has your safety in mind.
  • MINI HDMI TO A/V Converter signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signals, while support DVI system sideline signals. To help users convert the high quality of the HDMI video signal into normal CVBS signal (standard-definition 480i, 576i,).So that can play on TV, VHS VCR, DVD.
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Mini Hdmi To Ac User Manual Free

Connect the converter's output to the HDMI display. Use a short HDMI type cable is possible. Connect the converter's audio input to the audio output of the laptop or other source. Connect the source's VGA output to the input of the converter using the VGA cable provided. If the source is on and there is power on the VGA.

Mini Hdmi To Ac User Manual Click the link below to download the user manual for the 1080P HD Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera.