Morphy Richards Otg 24 Rss User Manual Pdf

Posted : admin On 12/27/2021

OTG stands for Oven Toaster Grill and is an interesting concept for me. Years ago, I learned to bake in an electric oven. It was a big monstrosity that had to be taken down from the loft and plugged into an outlet before baking. The microwave was mostly used as a reheating device. Then when I lived outside India, I had large ovens that came with the cooking range.

Hi, I bought Morphy Richards otg 24 RSS. As per the instruction manual before first use, turned on the otg with timer for 15 minutes, 250 C and the function to toast. But the power light kept turning on and off.

Morphy Richards Otg 24 Rss User Manual Pdf

The OTG first came home 3 years ago. I own an economy brand one. It is big and bulky but it does the job. It bakes cakes and casseroles, and it warms samosas and puffs without making them soggy. So I had a general idea of how the OTG works and what to look for in it.

The Morphy Richards OTG was a surprise. First off, it is very light and compact. It easily fit into the space I have carved into my kitchen cabinets for the oven. But its performance far exceeded my expectations.

I cooked many types of yummy things in this Morphy Richards OTG – potato wedges, enchiladas, chocolate cake, calzones and of course, toast! So stick around if you want to learn about this high performing kitchen gadget and drool over some yum food photos.

6 Impressive Features of Morphy Richards OTG

The true test of any machine lies in how it works or performs. Does it do the job it is supposed to do, and that too, efficiently? When it comes to kitchen appliance that is going to be in plain sight all the time and that may need to be moved from time to time, the holistic performance is important.

Warming up the Morphy Richards OTG

I put the Morphy Richards OTG through some rigorous baking tests, and here is what impressed me.

Easy to Handle

Morphy Richards Otg 24 Rss User Manual Pdf Download

The Morphy Richards OTG is pretty light and compact. But it is spacious inside. It holds my 9×9 baking dish easily, also the 9 inch pie dish. This is quite a good quantity of food.

Looks & Aesthetics

The oven has a black chrome finish and looks pretty. Knobs are simple and of the same color and they blend in. Compared to my earlier cheap brand oven, this is petite.


The Morphy Richards OTG comes equipped with the usual things – crumb tray, baking tray, rack, skewers etc. I did not check the rotisserie because I don’t eat meat.

Potato Wedges come out – crispy on the outside

Baking Tray!

I just love this tray. This conducts heat pretty quickly. But more importantly, it cools quickly too once you take it out of the oven. I baked potato wedges directly in this tray and they came out pretty crispy in a small amount of time.

Morphy Richards Otg 24 Rss User Manual Pdf Online

Knobs and Functions

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An OTG is simple as far as functionality goes. There is a temperature knob, a function knob and a timer. The temperature knob is granular and lets you choose upto 10 degree precision. The functions are bake top and bottom, top only, bottom only. My old oven also had a fan feature which this one does not have, honestly its no more required.

Chocolate cake in 9×9 Pyrex pan – ready in 25-30 minutes


This is the big deal when you talk oven. Overall, I found the performance of the Morphy Richards OTG to be excellent. In fact, I think it runs on the hot side. My old oven is a poor performer. For example, it would take over an hour for the cake to rise at 180c.

Now using the same recipe, same cake pan, same quantity, the cake got done in 25 minutes! So it is truer to all the oven times you will see in recipes – especially US and UK recipes. (My chocolate cake recipe was from the Hershey’s website).

Enchiladas – Bubbled and browned in less than 20 minutes

Potato wedges were done very crisp in just 40 minutes, another first. Enchiladas were bubbling and crispy at the edges in less than 20 minutes.

No wonder, this OTG has a 1600Watt power rating.

Morphy Richards OTG – Overall Verdict

Obviously, I am highly impressed with this Morphy Richards OTG. Is there anything I don’t like? Well, the price tag is a bit higher than other local brands, but the quality and performance make up for it.

My old oven has a light bulb inside which makes it easy to check on the food. This feature is certainly desirable.

Calzones – Perfectly Baked!

If you are in the market for an OTG, the Morphy Richards 24 RSS is a good choice – tried and tested!

* This review is done in association with Morphy Richards. Actual experiences and opinions are my own.