Nihon Kohden Celltac Alpha User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

WBC 5 part differential Just 55 ˜L sample aspiration for WBC 5 part differential 10 ˜L/20 ˜L can be measured with pre-dilution mode. Useful measurement modes: Open, Closed, Pre-dilution, WBC high, and WBC low Large color touch screen provides intuitive operation. Auto priming and self cleaning minimize start-up and shutdown time.

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Nihon Kohden - Celltac Alpha MEK-6500K
by Nihon Kohden

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Outstanding features. Real benefits.

The Celltac α series provides 3-part-diff and RDW-SD to assist in the detection of iron deficiency or thalassemia.

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4 months ago
4 months agonihon Kohden celtac alpha mek6500k
i have an error A010 RBC priming error (add diluent ) what i can do ? Reply



Built-in open and closed tube mode

To reduce the risk of contamination, the Celltac α MEK-6500K includes both, an open and a closed tube mode for easy blood sampling.

Auto dilution mode change

You can set panic value thresholds (abnormal high and low values) to trigger re-measurement in preset dilution ratio modes (low, normal, high, higher). In higher mode the measuring range for WBC can be extended to 599 x 10³/μl while the low dilution mode gives high accuracy even in low values of WBC or PLT.

Capillary mode

The Celltac α MEK-6500K allows you to analyze capillary blood with only 10 μl. This is the ideal method to perform CBCs inclusive 3-part-diff for pediatric and geriatric patients.

Unlimited patient memory

Nihon Kohden User Manual

The instrument can store unlimited patient samples together with QC results and alarm logs by using SD-card memory (2GB can store 30 000 patient samples).