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Roland U-20 Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Roland U-20 Electronic Keyboard, Keyboard, Synthesizer. Database contains 3 Roland U-20 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Service notes, Owner's manual. The U-20 is nothing special. It is a digital synthesizer that uses ROM samples of pianos, brass, strings, bass, drums, etc. However it is built for professional use and is truly a quality instrument, even though its sounds may seem like dated-eighties synth pop cheese. Digital Synth Roland U-20: 64 images, 8 user review(s), 3 videos, 2 classifieds and 2 files to download.

ManufacturerRoland Corporation
Dates1988 ~ 1991
Price£1050 GBP[1]
Technical specifications
Polyphony30 voices
Timbrality6 parts + 1 drumpart
Oscillator4MB ROM samples[2]
Synthesis typePCMsample based
AttenuatorADSR envelope
Aftertouch expressionYes
Velocity expressionYes
Storage memory128 tones, 64 patches
EffectsReverb, chorus and delay
Keyboard61 keys
Left-hand controlMIDI + 2>External controlArpeggiator, Chord Play

The Roland U-20 is a PCM-sample synthesizer, released by Roland in 1988.[3]

The U-20 is described by Roland as a 'RS-PCM keyboard', where RS stands for ReSynthesized because the sound-engine can play back a modified version of stored PCM samples.[4]

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The synthesizer engine itself merely plays back stored PCM samples. Such a synthesizer is known as a rompler, as opposed to a sampler, which lets you record and load in custom samples. Nevertheless, sample playback can be slightly customized via editing its ADSR envelope and applying DSP effects, like reverb or chorus. A drawback is the absence of filters.

The U-20 has standard 64 patches, and can be doubled with an optional RAM-card (the M-256E). Also there are 2 extra slots for ROM PCM-cards to expand the number of sounds.

There's a built-in arpeggiator, a Chord Play feature which plays back a full chord with only one finger, 2 assignable sliders, and the U-20 is compatible with the SN-U110 and SN-MV30-S1 series of soundcards.[5]

With one U-20 it's possible to produce a reasonably complete orchestration. The maximum number of voices is then limited by the device itself.

The U-20 has given certain Roland-sounds more publicity, like the shakuhachi, the bell, guitar-samples with distortion, and the typical Roland piano-sound, which can be found in later Roland models like the JV and XV series.

Editing sounds is limited and relatively complicated due to the small screen and menu layout. Thanks to its popularity, later on there was software made available to edit sounds on a computer via MIDI, or by adding new sounds to the device.[6] There are also hardware presets in programs like Cubase allowing easier communication.


The U-220 is a 1U (19-inch rackmount) module of the U-20. It was the successor of the U-110 that was released in 1988. The U-220 has the same LCD screen and expansion possibilities, but less knobs on the front panel than the U-20.


A collection of traditional Christmas music performed by James D. Blodget on a Roland U-20 synthesizer, demonstrating many of its sounds. (8 MB)
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  • 128 different voices (additional may be supplied with ROM/RAM cards)
  • Programmable DSP unit offers reverb, delay, chorus
  • 3 demo songs
  • 61 keys with note velocity and aftertouch abilities
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru DIN connectors
  • Phones output, Mix Output (L/R) and Direct Output (L/R) jacks
  • Pedal switch and Expression pedal inputs
  • Powered by external 110-230 V AC source


The amount of force needed to trigger aftertouch is very impractical and thus unusable on this instrument. Another point of criticism was the poor readable manual. Besides that, the U-20 has structural problems with the key sensors, they need regular cleaning or replacement because certain keys malfunction over time.[7]

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Roland U-20 Service Manual covers following topics:

  • How to repair Roland U-20?
  • How to maintain and fix your Roland U-20?
  • Specifications, Location of Controls, Exploded View,
  • Parts List, Loading Factory Preset Data, Test Mode, IC Data,
  • Block Diagram, Circuit Diagram and Board
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Roland U-20 Service Manual

(Book ID=34160 Added on June 2, 2012) Roland U-20 Service Manual covers Repair Guide, Troubleshooting, Parts List, Exploded diagram, Wiring Diagram, Schematics, Assembly and dissembly of equipment. Using Roland U-20 Service Manual, you will be able to get answer of common questions regarding equipment like:

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  • How to open and clean Roland U-20 Servic?
  • How to fix broken Roland U-20 Servic?
  • How to solve various error codes?
  • How to repair broken parts and various part numbers?
  • What is the meaning of various buttons and indicators on device?
  • How to carry out alignment and routine servicing of your device?
Roland U-20 Service Manual

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