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Safety Information

• Do not plug multiple electric devices into the

same wall socket. Ovedrloading a socket can
cause it to overheat, resulting in a fire.

• Maintenance of the Cabinet

- Before connecting other components to this

product, be sure to turn them off.

- If you move your product suddenly from a

cold place to a warm place, condensation
may occur on the operating parts and lens
and cause abnormal disc playback. If this
occurs, unplug the product, wait for two
hours, and then connect the plug to the
power outlet. Then, insert the disc, and try to
play back again.

• If the product makes an abnormal noise or

produces a burning smell or smoke, turn off
the power switch immediately and disconnect
the power plug from the wall outlet. Then,
contact the nearest customer service center for
technical assistance. Do not use the product.
Using the product as it is may cause a fire or an
electric shock.

• To turn this apparatus off completely, you must

pull the power plug out of the wall socket.
Consequently, the power plug must be easily
and readily accessible at all times.

Using the 3D Function

Read and understand the following safety
information before using the 3D function.

• Some viewers may experience discomfort while

viewing 3D TV such as dizziness, nausea, and
If you experience any such symptom, stop
viewing 3D TV, remove the 3D Active Glasses,
and rest.

• Watching 3D images for an extended period of

time may cause eye strain. If you feel eye strain,
stop viewing 3D TV, remove your 3D Active
Glasses, and rest.

• A responsible adult should frequently check on

children who are using the 3D function.
If there are any reports of tired eyes, headaches,
dizziness, or nausea, have the child stop viewing
3D TV and rest.

• Do not use the 3D Active Glasses for other

purposes (such as general eyeglasses,
sunglasses, protective goggles, etc.)

• Do not use the 3D function or 3D Active Glasses

while walking or moving around. Using the 3D
function or 3D Active Glasses while moving
around may cause you to bump into objects,
trip, and/or fall, and cause serious injury.

• If you want to enjoy 3D content, connect a 3D

device (3D compliant AV receiver or TV) to the
product’s HDMI OUT port using a high-speed
HDMI cable. Put on 3D glasses before playing
the 3D content.

• The product outputs 3D signals only through


HDMI cable connected to the HDMI OUT port.

• As the video resolution in 3D play mode is fixed

according to the resolution of the original 3D
video, you can not change the resolution to your

• Some functions such as BD Wise, screen size

adjustment, and resolution adjustment may not
operate properly in 3D play mode.

• You must use a high-speed HDMI cable for

proper output of the 3D signal.

• Stay at least three times the width of the screen

from the TV when watching 3D images. For
example, if you have a 46 inch screen, stay 138
inches (11.5 feet) from the screen.

- Place the 3D video screen at eye level for the

best 3D picture.

• When the product is connected to some 3D

devices, the 3D effect may not function properly.

• This product does not convert 2D content into


• “Blu-ray 3D” and “Blu-ray 3D” logo are

trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association.


Samsung Blu Ray Ht-e5400 User Manual 2016

© 2012 Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.

All rights reserved; No part or whole of this user’s
manual may be reproduced or copied without the
prior written permission of Samsung Electronics

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Samsung Blu Ray Ht-e5400 User Manual 2017

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