Treasure Hunter Md 3030 Metal Detector User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/27/2021

3030 or White's Spectra V3i would be ideal here. Treasure hunter md 3010 metal detector,With this device is a powerful and hunter md 3010 metal detector, Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals million with metal detectors Treasure Hunter 3030 Metal detector Reviews. The CTX 3030 Beach and Water Hunter's Guide. Metals, and when the detector 'eliminates' certain metals, we refer to this as the detector 'discriminating' among different types of metals. Discrimination is an important feature of professional metal detectors. Discrimination allows the user to ignore trash and otherwise undesirable objects. Jun 01, 2017  MD-5008 Metal Detector, a kind of professional detecting equipment, is designed by advanced international technique, and it’s made of high quality component. It is quite popular for its. Get a metal detector manual for all current metal detectors that we offer at Read all metal detector manuals online.

Price: $150
Avg. Durability: 4.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4.00 Manual

Compare to ▼
Fisher F11 $159
Minelab GO-FIND 20 $180
Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro $199
Teknetics EuroTek $160
Whites Coinmaster $180
Teknetics Alpha 2000 $200

Trusty Little Machine

This machine has excellent performance and not too many controls so someonelike me can easily undersant what type of metal it is, and how deep it is.I have already found one gold plated small statue and many coins in myfirst 1-hour session. I was really impressed at how deep this detector willdetect metal. I decided to give it a test and buried my keys 15' inthe sand at the beach and this detector still have a strong signal... it istons of fun :o)
I was thinking about upgrading to the XJ9-3050 model from Treasure Hunter,but can not find any reviews.... Has anyone tried this detector?

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Jackson Wright from Ocean Isle, NC



I brought mine for $250nzd (cheap)! I'm finding all sorts...this detectoris awesome for the price. Don't believe me? Youtube metal detecting newzealand and watch my vids 'madsonicboating' coins, jewellery,trinkets etc

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Dan from New zealand


Great depth

I purchased my 3030 about 2-3 mnths ago off ebay for 137.00 . I have neverused a metal detector before. I have found everything, rings-necklaces- coins galore. And this machine picked up 4 quarters and 2 dimes that wereburied maybe 15 inches in the ground at a play ground with a woodchip bed on the first 7 inches. I couldnt believe it.
For the money this thing is great and I use it in salt water and on thebeach. very cool.
It does look a little cheap. But the machine works very well and isnt toheavy.
Im Happy.

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Happy Customer from Florida


Lock nut does not work

I find it's quite good at detecting.
Unfortunately the lock nut does not tighten
after I only used it a few times.
I am however waiting of spare parts to arrive.
At the moment I am using electrical tape to stop it from sliding out

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Jason from U.K


I love my 3030

I purchased my 3030 detector from ebay and I could not be more pleased. Ihave a (now non-working) White XLT detector that I have gone over my fieldmany times with. Low and behold when I went back over it with my new 3030 Iturned up tons of old coins and even a civil war metal. For the price,$200, you can't beat this detector.

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Steve from Myrtle Beach, SC


Treasure Hunter 3030 is great

I bought this detector for my son so we could go detecting together. Paid$200 on ebay, and I noticed he was getting more finds than me!! I tried itout and sure enough it detects deeper with better discrimination. Mydetector is a Whites Classic 5 ID but I really prefer the 3030 detector.

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John Wayland from Scottsdale, AZ


Great in both performance and value

I had a minelab explorer, it got stolen, and I bought a Treasure Hunter3030, and went over where days before I used my minelab and bam, coins, andeven a war medal, I am 100% satisfied with this in both quality and price.

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Billy from Qld Australia


3030 trseure hunter

Treasure Hunter Md 3030 Metal Detector User Manual Pdf

I bought my 3030 at around $180. If you shop around you can get it for alot cheaper. I was expecting a much better product. It really does not gothat deep. I will say about 15 inches max. It is true that the coindiscriminator confuses all kinds of metal. I'm new to this hobby, But, liveand learn.

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Anonymous from Usa


Very happy

Md 3030 Metal Detector Parts

I purchased this same model(ebay)I think from looking at pictures. Althoughmy manual has 3010/GC-1010 metal Detector on the front cover. As far as ican tell this is the same unit. Pictures are identical as the one i have.
Anyway this is my 1st detector, and i have to say i'm very happy. I havefound a 50 cent piece, a couple of quaters, a few dims, a nickel or two,and a fist full of pennies within hours of 1st using it.
I'm happy with it. My wife bought it for under $160.00 including shipping.I may have been able to pick up cheaper with so more time to research.
Hope you enjoy yours!

Cabela's Treasure Hunter Metal Detector

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Freedom420 from Cave Junction, OR.


Treasure Hunter 3030

There are several seller sof these detectors - trick is finding thecheapest. I bought one from Maplins and found it was useful up to a depthof 5' which considering on some fields coins are found 4-6' which means youwill find something.. Maplins do better models around £100 which will godeeper - 8-10'.
Its okay for experienced detectorists to slate cheaper machines, but ifyour only a beginer you probably get better value for money on one of thesethan bottom range well known brands - not everyone has £600 to spend.There is a fair amount of snobery involved with detecting especially wheremachines are concerned.

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Dig Doug from UK