User's Manual For Fire Pit Model

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is only permissible if the cylinder is
disconnected and removed from the
fire pit.

Owner’s Manual INSTALLATION INFORMATION CONNECTING THE GAS TO THE FIRE TABLE BEFORE PROCEEDING, CAREFULLY READ ALL OF THE IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS OWNER’S MANUAL, INCLUDING: Pre-Installation and fire table Preparation Safety Guidelines (pages 3 & 4). Minimum Clearance to Combustibles (page 2). Find the outdoor cooking product manual you need at ManualsOnline. Fire Pit Manuals. Blue Rhino Gas Grill User's Manual.

User Manual For Fire 10

Lighting Procedures
1. Check all connections for leaks
using the “soapy water” test.
2. Check for any blockage to the
venturi tube or burner. Remove any
foreign objects or matter.
3. Be sure the burner control knob is
4. Open the LP cylinder valve ONLY
1-1/2 turns by turning
5. Insert a
long-nose gas
lighter next
to the burner,
making sure
it sits over the
burner. Open
the valve next
to the burner
by turning the lever to the ON
position. If the burner does
not light within 4 or 5 seconds, turn
the control knob off, wait 5 minutes,
and repeat the process.

Turn the control knob at the
regulator off by turning clockwise
The burner flame should then go
out. Turn off the LP cylinder valve
by turning the knob clockwise


The fire pit can become very
hot while in use. Do not
touch any portion of the fire
pit except for the control
knob next to the regulator.
It may be necessary to use
protective gloves.

until it stops. Follow instructions
in this manual for proper storage
procedures and the important
warnings and safe guards on pages.
When an LP tank is not connected,
and to help prevent dirt or other
foreign particles from clogging the
HVR, hang the end of the HVR hose
from the outer ring.

Inspect the flame at the burner to
ensure a proper flame.

To protect your fire pit from
weather, always keep your fire pit
covered while not in use. The cover
must be removed and stored safely
away from the fire pit when the fire
pit is in use.

Clean the stand of the fire pit using
hot soapy water. High temperature
spray paint can be used to touch
up any scratches in the paint. Use
a wire brush to remove any loose
paint before touching up. Make sure
to dry thoroughly before use. The
rocks can be removed from the fire
pit and cleaned using soapy water or
sprayed off using a hose sprayer. The
outside of the burner may be wiped
clean using soapy water. A pipe
cleaner can be used to remove any
spider webs from the venturi tube.



Control Valve


MOdEl #: GC-lOG-2

Warning & Instruction Booklet


Read this manual before each use. Failure to follow these instructions

could result in fire or explosion, which could cause serious personal

injury and/or property damage.

Po Box 4057 • Logan, UT 84323 • 1.800.650.2433 •

0809-GCLOG-Instructions.indd 1-2

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