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  • Apr 03, 2013 The stepper motors that drive the slot machine reels on a WHO Dunnit pinball machine eventually need cleaning. Here's how I dunnit, illustrated. Yes, we have been doing an awful lot of maintenance lately on our pinball machines. It seemed like once we finally got the board replaced for our new WHO Dunnit, another problem came up.
Who Dunnit
Release date1995
SystemMidway WPC-Security
DesignDwight Sullivan, Barry Oursler
ProgrammingDwight Sullivan
ArtworkLinda Deal, Paul Barker
MechanicsZofia Bil
MusicPaul Heitsch
SoundPaul Heitsch
VoicesTim Kitzrow (Nick Spade)
Paul Heitsch (Bruno)
Gingi Lahera (Trixie)
Vince Pontarelli (Tony)
Rachel Davies (Victoria)
Ed Boon (Butler)
Production run2,416 units

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Who Dunnit is a Midwaypinball machine with a 1940s style and a murder mystery theme. The playfield features up to five different murder mysteries by revealing clues by sending the ball to an elevator, phone, or slot machine. The machine accepts up to four players, and features four-ball play.[1]


The aim of the game is to solve five murder mysteries by interrogating suspects and finding evidence before heading to the Roof in the game to catch the killer. There can be a maximum of four balls in play at any time, and it can support up to four players. There are five 'balls', but once they are all exhausted, the player can have an extra three 'balls' by inserting a credit. If the player gets their initials on the high scores list, they may be awarded one free go (or two free goes if they manage to get enough points to become Grand Champion).[2]


There are four suspects and one victim during a case; the suspects names are mainly Tony, Victoria, Butler (previously known as Walther), Bruno (previously known as Tex) and Trixie.

To accuse a suspect, shoot the phone after a clue is given about the suspect. If the player chooses the wrong suspect, they will say 'Sorry, I have an alibi', followed by a 20, 30 or 40 million 'Suspect Eliminated' bonus. If the player chooses the correct suspect, the machine will indicate so, and the Roof mode activates; shoot the flashing lane to catch the killer, or the phone for the roof jackpot (which decreases as time goes on, but never goes below 25 million points). Catching the criminal starts multi-ball.

A hint on finding the killer is that all suspects will talk about the killer unless they are the killer.

Mystery slots[edit]

When a flashing SPIN shot is made (these can be the phone, roulette wheel, or sewer), 'mystery slots' will appear on the screen. The slots will then stop on images not unlike an ordinary slots machine. Depending on what combination the player gets, they will then receive a varying number of points. The combinations are:

  • Random images on all three slots = 5 million points
  • Two of one image (except for any Wild Choice or Wild Image) = second chance
  • Three fingerprints = Any clue (Bullet, Broken Mirror, etc.) - 20 million points
  • Three 'JACKPOT' images = Jackpot (normally 75 million points, can vary)
  • Three magnifying glasses = Any piece of equipment (Flashlight, etc.) – 25 million points
  • Two of one image, one WILD image = Same reward as three images together
  • Two random images on the sides, one WILD choice card in the middle = Choice between the two image's rewards on the sides
  • Three BAR images = 100 million points
  • Three MULTIBALL images = Multiball
  • Three EXTRA BALL images = Extra Ball
  • Three question marks = Elevator Madness
  • Three WILD images = The Roof


To play roulette, the player shoots the wheel (spinner lane) and follows the directions. Bets are changed by two very risky stand-up targets. Bet value is increased on the spinner.


There are three ways to start multiball (locking three balls, elevator, or slots). Once it is active, shoot the roulette wheel, sewer, or elevator for jackpots.

The Roof[edit]

The Roof is the segment of 'Tony's Palace' where the catching of the killer takes place. Once the player picks the correct suspect, the player arrives at the Roof, where they have to shoot the ball up the 'taxi chase'. Once that has been accomplished, the player has to shoot the ball into the 'phone', and once that has been done, a four-ball multiball (as opposed to the normal three ball) occurs.

Whodunnit Pinball Manual DownloadWho

Digital versions[edit]

Digital version of this table is no longer available in The Pinball Arcade for any platform. WMS license expired on June 30, 2018.


  1. ^Internet Pinball Database
  2. ^The credits or 'go' 'goes' here are variable and set by the owner/operator. Up to four credits may be awarded for a new high score and as little as none.

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  • Who Dunnit at the Internet Pinball Database

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